Michelob Ultra swimming pool race



Michelob commercial with boy and girl

im sure people have seen the commercial for it...can somebody please tell me the song :eek:
Hey everyone, im looking for the music in the new Michelob Light beer commercial with the guy and the girl racing eachother in the swimming pool and where it says "this is how you play hard to get" as the ad distinguishes itself from the other Michelob light commercials.
The lyrics go something like "is this love"

I would like to know the song in the Michelob commercial where a guy and girl are swimming in a pool. It's a girl singing the song and I just saw the commercial yesterday. Anyone have any idea?
Hello all. First time poster, go easy on the newbie.

I'm trying to ID a song that is used on a Michelob Ultra commercial. I've seen this commercial maybe twice in the past 5 weeks or so. In the spot, a thin (what else?) woman and man dive into a swimming pool and begin to race each other. The song plays while they swim. The lyrics go something like this:

"there's a feeling in my heart i can't explain... is this love..."

That's about all the information I can provide...


ive been wondering about this song for the past couple of weeks too and i have looked everywhere but unfortunately have found nothing. your post is the only thing i have found.

somebody please come to the rescue
Here are my notes regarding the ad... i can't find anything using the lyrics i have... grr.

michelob ultra light beer... tag line: "lose the carbs, not the taste."

guy/girl swimming/racing.

there's a feeling in my heart that i can't explain.
is this love?
the look in your eyes i just can't explain.
is this love?
if i lose myself (undistinguishable words here) will you feel the same?
is this love? is this love? is this love?
After coming up empty searching the internet, I emailed Anheuser-Busch and they responded. They said that the commercial is titled "Hard to Get", and the song was written specifically for the commercial. The soloist's name is Cheryl Wilson.
Hi there...I have been looking for this song too. I am not sure about the Cheryl Wilson thing.... try Lisa McClowry. She does a bunch of commercial work. Her website is lisamcclowry.com.
Palmer mentioned that Anheiser-Busch told them that it was Cheryl Wilson singing the song for the ad...

Interesting about the Lisa McClowry lead -- it's possible she did the music, or wrote it. Her website does list work on a Michelob Ultra ad -- whether it's this one or not, I'm not sure.

But, I did send her an email asking if she had any information, so I'll post anything relevant that I get in response from her when I get it. :)
I checked out cherylwilsonmusic.com also. I don't think it is the same singer, especially considering her genre. Right, I got her name from someone at Anheiser-Busch. He/she said, "We did a little research and found...", so I assume the representative was correct and it's really 'someone' named Cheryl Wilson signing.
I think so too, Palmer. They didn't just give you the standard "It was done just for us" brush off email...

I haven't heard from the other lady yet. I can't imagine Anheuser-Busch would just throw out a random name, but you never know!
I sent the Cheryl Wilson girl an email, asking if she was the one that wrote the song, and if so, how I could get a copy. Then I read more about her on her website, and it doesn't look like she'd be the kind to promote beer--especially when you look at what she said about her family being torn apart because of alcoholism. Who knows... I guess we'll know more when Lisa McClowry posts her demo on her site.
I don't think that website I found/mentioned for Cheryl is the same girl we're after -- afterall, she's a Christian/Gospel singer and her voice sounds completely different than the one in the ad.
Well, we still haven't heard if Lisa McCrowry is actually the singer. Cheryl Wilson was actually the name given to Palmer when he wrote Michelob.
Got a response from Lisa McClowry and she confirmed that she IS NOT the singer in this particular ad -- she sang in a different Michelob ad.

So, the Cheryl Wilson remains a mystery! She must strictly be a studio singer (or whatever they'd be classified as!), since we can't find much about her.
Got another reply from Lisa McClowery regarding Cheryl Wilson:

Yes,  I know Cheryl.  She is a veteran to the jingle biz here in Chicago.
You probably won't find info about her on the internet.  I don't think she
has a web site.   I can tell you she is a well - liked, sweet person.  She's
got a lot of style, and is attractive.  She has done many of the JCpenny ads
too.....  you know "It's all inside".

Thought it was pretty interesting! :)
And also try the band KMFDM or MDFMK. It appears that when they record in Chicago, they have a backup/guest singer named Cheryl Wilson. Don't know if is the same but the music and sound seems to fit with the commercial.
Originally posted by mootej@Nov 28 2003, 11:29 AM
And also try the band KMFDM or MDFMK. It appears that when they record in Chicago, they have a backup/guest singer named Cheryl Wilson. Don't know if is the same but the music and sound seems to fit with the commercial.
I know KMFDM.. is there another band called MDFMK, or were you just confused about the initials?