Michelob Ultra swimming pool race

kmfdm is also known as mdfmk. Dont know why, but it is what it is.
i doubt it's the song from the ad in question -- as, another reader emailed michelob and asked them about it -- their response was that it was an original composition done just for the ad. also, that cd was published in 2002, and this ad is relatively new this year. :)
It's probably a Miller commercial but its when a girl and a guy is racing by swimming against each other. The girl wins, and the guy splashes her in the end.
The only part of the lyrics i got was "Is this Love". Please Help, and reply if anything... Thanx
I want that song..I heard it last night while watching SNL and am now on a downloading frenzy, trying to get it. It's stuck in my head and driving me absolutely insane! If anyone finds any information, please send me a message. I found this thread via searching on Yahoo..there's one other thread on another commercial site, but they don't have any information there, either.

Thanks. :D
I heard the song last night while watching SNL, too. I couldn't find any information either. But if the song is only written for the commercial, then it doesn't look good for us... because then it's probably very short. But if anyone has something about it: please send a message in the forum!

Thanks Timmo

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hello -- im a newbe as well and have been looking for this song as well --

KMFDM and MDFMK are the same band --- they just release music under both names and say that it gives them an outlet for different stuff -- ;)

but i also cannot find this song anywhere on line -- :(

is there any other place one could look to get it ?
I wrote michelob.com and got this email from them regarding this ad:

Dear Samantha,

Thank you for taking the time to visit www.michelob.com and e-mail Anheuser-Busch.

We are happy to hear that you enjoy our Michelob ULTRA commercial, and the music that drives it.

The composition is titled "Hard to Get" and was written just for this commercial, also titled "Hard to Get." The soloist's name is Cheryl Wilson. As the song was created specifically for the ad, it is not available on CD and cassette, and we apologize for any disappointment this may cause.

Again, Samantha, thank you for contacting Anheuser-Busch, we hope this information has been helpful. Should you have any additional questions or comments in the future, please let us know.

Your Friends at Anheuser-Busch

1-800-DIAL-BUD (1-800-342-5283)
In this commercial it starts off with a guy and a girl sitting by a pool and then they both jump in challenging eachother. They are both swimming and the guy finishes like he won but looks up and the girl is sitting there drinking a beer. The lyrics play "There's a feeling in my heart that I can't explain" Its just a girl singing but i guess it sounds sort of like shakira-ish. Can anyone help? :)
This has been asked about before... and unfortunatly the song was made just for the ad.