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Commercial has guy in hotel, waiting in front of his room, then he meets a girl and she puts a necktie on the door. Song is foreign, either french or spanish, sounds very familiar but can't find it anywhere. Any help is much appreciated.
I still haven't seen this particular TV commercial. Do you remember what TV network and/or show you were watching when you saw it? You said the song sounds French or Spanish - what makes it sound foreign? Is there a singer? (Male or female?)
I emailed Michelob, here's what they sent me


Anheuser-Busch takes great pride in the humor and creativity of our commercials. We are happy to hear that you enjoy our Michelob Light “Necktie” commercial, and the music that drives it.

The catchy composition is entitled “Mariposa-Bonita Fly Mix” and is performed by Nicodemus and Osiris.

We hope this information has been helpful, and you have your own “Nice Finish” soon.


hehe, you better believe i'll have my own nice finish :eek:
Great info! Thanks for sharing it here for the rest of us.

I tried to find out some info on the performers, Nicodemus and Osiris, and came up empty... does anyone know anything about them? Or are they just some random DJ-types?
Forgot the brand of beer (Michelob ?). It was a song in spanish with cool harmonies and an electronic hip-hoppy drum beat. It is more than a year old but since I ran into this forum today i thought I'd give it a shot.

It featured this guy who shows up at home to find out his girlfiend has brought somebody else home and she puts a tie around the door-knob as she slams the door in front of him. Our protagonist is dejected
and slumps down on the ground. In a remarkable turn of events,
the lady nextdoor invites him in and now our hero's tie is hanging outside HER
doorknob now.

Any help identifying the song will be highly appreciated.

Did you see this ad in the US or elsewhere? It doesn't sound familiar to me, but that doesn't mean much. ;)

Do you remember any of the lyrics, even if they're in Spanish?
After a few searches on your web-site this is what i found from the archives

"The catchy composition is entitled “Mariposa-Bonita Fly Mix” and is performed by Nicodemus and Osiris.
There seem to be all variations of this song but i canlt find the cool one that was used in the Michelob Light commercial.
Thanks anyhow !