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Flipping around the radio dial during the wee hours of one morning, I caught a snippet of an electronic song that I liked ...

What I can describe of it ...
What stood out was the bass line ... unlike a bland bass line hidden in the background, it was very prominent ... it was a fuzzy, synthesized, very melodic bass line ...
Girls and guys singing ...
Just a snip of lyrics ...
Something like "on the same side" or "on the safe side" ...
Something like "get your treasure in" ...

The song was not ID'ed but I did make note of what station I had heard it on ...

Went to that station's website ... fortunately they do provide playlists ... woo hoo!!

Bad news, I can't really narrow down in and about what time I heard it ...

So below is a portion of that playlist covering a few hours worth of music during which my song could have been played ...

1:05 AM Mary J. Blige - Be Without You [Moto Blanco Edit]
1:09 AM Judge Jules - So Special
1:12 AM Kylie Minogue - I Believe In You
1:15 AM Lady Life - Holding Out For A Hero [Giuseppe D mix]
1:19 AM Lucas Prata - And She Said
1:23 AM Amuka - I Want More (Cling on to Me)
1:27 AM Martha Walsh - Catch The Light
1:34 AM Alex Gold - Standed In Paradise
1:38 AM Jon Secada - Window To My Heart [George Acosta mix]
1:42 AM Gorillaz - Dare [Dave Aude Club Mix]
1:46 AM DJ Russ Harris vs Huey Lewis & The News - I Want A New Drug
1:50 AM Joi Cardwell - Found Love
1:56 AM Renée Stakey - Lonely Dream [Mike Rizzo edit]
2:00 AM Claudja Barry - I Will Stand [Tony Moran & Warren Rigg edit]
2:04 AM Olav Basoski feat. Michie One - Waterman
2:07 AM Res-Q - Don't Make Me Wait
2:10 AM Ellee Ven - Vacillation [DJ Solange mix]
2:15 AM Pattie Brooks - After Dark 2006 [L.E.X. Nuskool Mix]
2:19 AM Debbie Loeb - Faraway
2:22 AM Bananarama - Move In My Direction
2:25 AM Freemasons feat. Amanda Wilson - Watchin'
2:30 AM Kelly Osbourne - One Word
2:33 AM Goldfrapp - Ooh La La
2:37 AM Gabriel & Dresden - Tracking Treasure Down
2:41 AM Erasure - Breathe
2:44 AM Sapphirecut - Dreamdreamland
2:48 AM Brazilian Girls - Don't Stop
2:52 AM Lee Cabrera feat. Mim - I Watch You
2:55 AM Groove Coverage - Moonlight Shadow [Josh Harris mix]
2:58 AM Hi_Tack - Say Say Say (Waiting 4 U)
3:02 AM Shape U.K. - Incredible
3:06 AM Mylo - Doctor Pressure
3:09 AM Danielle Bollinger - Kiss the Sky [Mike Rizzo edit]
3:13 AM Paul Van Dyk feat. Wayne Jackson - The Other Side
3:16 AM Taxi Doll - Waiting
3:20 AM Natasha Bedingfield - Unwritten
3:23 AM 3 Speaker High - How We Survived
3:27 AM Lola - Let's Have Fun
3:33 AM Supafly vs. Fishbowl - Let's Get Down
3:36 AM Kelly Clarkson - Walk Away [Craig J Edit]
3:39 AM Benassi Brothers - Every Single Day
3:43 AM Britney Spears - Boys
3:47 AM Cyndi Lauper - Time After Time [Josh Harris edit]
3:52 AM Aurora - Real Life
3:55 AM Rachel Panay - Back To Love
3:59 AM Kristine Hendricks - You Got It All

Obviously, right away, I can see several songs that can be ruled out ... but then there are several other songs that I'm not familiar with, so ...
Anyone want to take a guess?
Any and all help is greatly appreciated!
My 1st guess would be The Other Side by Paul Van Dyk. I couldn't find the lyrics online, so I played the song and typed some for you. It's from his 'Politics of Dancing' CD.

'See you on the other side...when I close my eyes....and I reach the light. See you on the other side....when I close my eyes.
Broken through, I will comfort you, when I wake my tongue is tied.....daylight brings the great divide. We can light the rain, whispering your name.

Believe the sun will rise, when I reach the light, I will see you on the other side.
2:37 AM Gabriel & Dresden - Tracking Treasure Down??

btw that radio station sounds awesome. is it xm or do they just play club music at night?
Originally posted by version2@Apr 10 2006, 04:04 PM
2:37 AM Gabriel & Dresden - Tracking Treasure Down??

btw that radio station sounds awesome. is it xm or do they just play club music at night?
I was gonna ask that same question too... But I forgot :p
Thank you, thank you!

version2, you were right!

Gabriel & Dresden - "Tracking Treasure Down"

Here are a few related sites about this particular song ...

First, the female vocalist heard in this song ... Molly Bancroft ...
Her website ...

And second, a place to hear one of the versions of this song in streaming format, as well as a place to buy it digitally ...

Jenny, thank you for your guess of Paul Van Dyk ... even though it was not the song I was looking for, turns out I like that one too!

Now for one other bit of business to attend to ...
btw that radio station sounds awesome. is it xm or do they just play club music at night?

It's sort of a local radio station for me ... FM radio ...
From what I can gather, it's nothing but dance music in any and all formats ... techno, electronica, club, old school, disco ...
Nice bonus, they have a listen live link ...

Here's the website for those interested ...

Thanks again!
Enjoy! B)
There you go.
Thanks for the link and you're welcome on the PVD song. It's one of my personal faves ;)