Hate when youtube favs get deleted!! need help finding song plz


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Haven't been here in forever! hey yall!
Totally hate it when songs from my Favorites list on youtube get deleted or lost or "video no longer exists" or becomes private! grrr! anyhooozles....the song im looking for goes like, and these are the only lyrics i can remember right now and believe me i've googled the heck out of them and cant find it!
so goes like "doo i do i do i doooo baby i want you.. i dooo..doo do do i want you" something like that. Female vocalist, i think the song came out sometime in the 90s. i remember the singer had like this gorgeous curly blonde hair, a real cutie hippie type natural looking pretty pretty girl and DANG i loved that song especially for when i have that love vibe! I kinda think the name of the song is "i want you" but not sure.
Oh plz someone know what im talkin about?
i had faith that i would find this song again one day and today was my lucky day! she covered a song that i looked up today and i was like "that name is familiar! i think she's the singer in the long lost song i cant find!!" so i searched her name and sure 'nuff!

I Want You - Alana Davis