Help with a song stuck in my head

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So I've been searching for this damn song that's stuck in my head but I can find out what it is.

The chorus' melody sounds almost exactly like "Sara" by Jefferson Starship (the "Saraaaaaa SARA part, lol). Listen to that song to have a really good idea of what im thinking because the chrous singing-melody of Sara and my song are like exact, im tellin' ya

The only lyrics I can remember in the chorus of the song i'm thinking of is "Hold oooon, hold stroooong" (or at least it sounds like that, though googling couldn't find anything with those exact lyrics so i doubt those lyrics are right)

The song was definitely Power Ballady and im thinking its by a band like Journey or Foreigner (Its definitely older song, and definitely a hit)

The exact tune stuck in my head is as follows: Daaaaa da-da, daaaaa daa, Hold on, hold strong

Thats the best I can do with out recording myself singing (No mic or I would, lol)