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since i joined adtunes.com, i have notices that a lot of people doesn't remember the title of a song, i am pretty bad at it myself ! i try to remember the lyrics, music, or words. when i seen a movie or tv show, barely remember the song! i am involves with the storyline, i shut out the song almost completely, sometimes i can remember some of the lyrics, or music. of course, you can try to find it on you tube, i tune, or other resources. i am like everybody else, i am too lazy to try and let someone to it for me! you have description of the scene of a movie or tv show, but what if you are only one who saw it, nobody know the scene or the song, what do you next ? people give all these different songs, you can barely remember it ! but that is not what i am driving at, so the question, how do you remember a title of a song ?