Geico Insurance "Dogs"


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Geico Insurance "Dogs"

I am trying to figure out the name of the song (or artist) that is in the new Geico commercial with the dogs that are hanging out the window.

I have done every search possible, and have come up with zero! Hopefully someone here can offer some assistance.

So Geico keeps a 'Gecko Blog' up for their mascot. The most recent one addresses their new ad campaign. Also they have an 'ask the gecko' email setup: Because they are specifically mentioning the new ad campaign it might be worth a shot to send an email to that address. Typical advertiser responses are pretty lame, but this looks like it might be a unique situation. Best of luck, sorry I couldn't be of more help, nice song though.
Glad someone else is looking for that. Really nice piece though I haven't found anything yet. Haven't tried terribly hard though either. Keep your fingers crossed.
Ok, I've fired off an e-mail to the apparent ad agency that does Geicos Gekko series.I don't usually go this far but as luck would have it I want this particular piece. :D
I've included all other Geico ad questions from this forum in my inquiry ;)
Hey, givemfitz. I got to reading through some of the coupladayold topics and saw that you'd apparently sent something off to the ad guys Geico hired. I was just wondering if you'd tell me who they are, maybe how I could do some contacting. I've been trying to find that song also, great damn tune, but no luck.

I'm pretty sure that's a Sheryl Crow song, but I can't think of the name right now.

i found your post because I am trying to find out the name of the song used in the new Geico Dog Commercial - where the dogs are hanging out the window of the cars.

I know someone is looking.
Actually picked up the phone today and was told that the person I wish to speak with is Emily Moore but it was nearly 5pm their time and I got her voice mail. Left a message but it may take a little phone tag before I speak to her due to the time difference.
Thursday, March 11, 2004

Name That Tune!

It's now been a couple of weeks since my two new ads ("Dogs" and "Asleep") have hit the airwaves — I've finally made my return to the Silver Screen! I would like to thank the academy... oh sorry.

I really enjoyed working with my fellow "canine" actors, cat fans stay on the lookout for another commercial. I don't remember much about the other ad since I fell asleep while they were filming it & all the work really took it out of me.

Many of my loyal fans want to know about the music for these spots. For the "Dogs" ad, we used the song, "Lonesome Magic Vice Harvest" by Alexandre Geindre. The song is available on the CD entitled "Fashion Week #1". M. Geindre is a French artist, but the CD is available at both and Barnes And Noble.

The song used for the ad where I am sleeping in the back seat of the minivan was an original recording prepared for GEICO, it's not available. Keep those good e-mails coming, I love getting fan mail.

Wednesday, March 10, 2004
was this an email response to you or a weblog post on the geico's blog? either way, that's slightly over the top isn't it! :lol:
actually the geico commercial song with the dogs was written by

Alexandre Geindre

its name is

Lonesome Magic Vice Harvest

and is off the album

Fashion Week (1 of 2)
Whats the commericial with the whistling, All I know its a Geico commercial, it has no words just whistling!

The musical piece is "Lonesome Vice Magic Harvest" by Alexandre Geindre. You're a genius. Thanks a lot.

hi i really need a link or a way to get the song you guys are reffering to. the song done by alexandre geindre called "Lonesome Magic Vice Harvest". please somebody help me out
im wondering if anyone has a clue where the music in the Gieco ad with the dogs in the cars came from? :blink: :huh:
hey theres a gieco commerical where there are dogs in the car and its kind of a whistle mellow song in the backround, i know that the song is called:

Lonesome Magic Vice Harvest" by Alexandre Geindre

but i dont know where i can download it..i can't find it anywhere! could someone help me out and tell me where ican get this downloaded?