1. F

    Geico Motorcycle Insurance

    Can anyone identify the artist or the name of the song used in the most recent Geico Motorcycle Ad which includes a group of motorcycles riding together while the background song plays...the song is similar in style to the great "Low-rider" song by War, but is different...phrases such as "I lost...
  2. SusieQ2

    Geico "Bodybuilder Directing Traffic"

    I looked for this commercial on the site but couldn't find anything on it.. Was wondering if anyone knew the name of the waltz? I searched online but the only thing that came up was Zemach Suite: VII. Dance in Form of a Chaconne, however, I listened to it and it sounds nothing at all like the...
  3. C

    Geico "Sexy Grandpa"

    Anybody know this song? Geico commercial called sexy grandpa, last 10 seconds
  4. gratefuled

    Geico "Paper World RV"

    Really cool electric slide guitar -- honky-tonk sounding. A bunch of animated outdoor scenes with plenty of campers, RVs, nature scenes, etc. Any ideas? Thanks...
  5. farbeyond

    Geico Fireplace

    Join the fight to get this unreleased song released in a full version.
  6. farbeyond

    Geico bowling alley

    Hi, just saw a recently new Geico commercial which shows the cavemen in a bowling alley. The commercial uses the song: 3 Doors Down - "Let Me Be Myself" Get It At:
  7. doctormemory

    Geico "Kash" money character

    Was it "Somebody's Watching Me" by Rockwell ??
  8. doctormemory

    Geico Motorcycle Insurance cavemen

    Lyrics: Don't wanna hurt you It's just a matter of pride for us. Song.. search in progress... :rolleyes:
  9. G

    Geico Caveman

    Does anyone know the artist who sings in the newest GEICO caveman commercial, in the ad a caveman is in the airport and passes an ad with a caveman in it. Can someone please identify the artist singing. Thank you.
  10. M

    Geico Burt Bacharach

    I was watching Geiko's newest commercial about someone getting rear ended. There's this old guy at a piano and he's at a side so you can't tell who he is. The first couple of times I thought it was Bert Reynolds(sp?). Now I don'[t think so. Does anyone know? But it's so funny because the guy is...
  11. W

    Geico Motorcycle Insurance

    I was wondering if anyone knew the name of the song in a brand new geico motorcycle commercial. I just saw the commercial today for the first time and the song sounds absolutely awesome. let me no. thnx Dante
  12. L


    Anybody know this one?
  13. P

    Geico Insurance "Robot"

    Geico Insurance "Robot" I normally hate Geico commercials, but the most recent one with the man reading the e-mail saying on how the Gecko should do the robot just made me crack up. It's a US commercial, and I was wondering what this 80ish techno song was that was used in it? Gracias in...
  14. P

    Geico Insurance "Green Van"

    Hi all, first post after some successful usage of the site ;) There's yet another Geico commercial with a bug green RV cruising around to yet another great beat. Any clues? BTW, the dog song is available on at least one website. I won't post the link here because this isn't an MP3 trading...
  15. K

    Geico Insurance "Asleep"

    Can anyone tell me what tune is on the latest Geico commercial? The commercial is one where everyone is asleep in the car including the Geico reptile? The music is instumental guitar.
  16. S

    Geico Insurance "Dogs"

    Geico Insurance "Dogs" I am trying to figure out the name of the song (or artist) that is in the new Geico commercial with the dogs that are hanging out the window. I have done every search possible, and have come up with zero! Hopefully someone here can offer some assistance. Thanks!