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I was wondering if anyone knew the name of the song in a brand new geico motorcycle commercial. I just saw the commercial today for the first time and the song sounds absolutely awesome. let me no. thnx

Does anybody know the song used in the Geico Motorcycle Insurance commercial with a group of Motorcyclists riding on a road, it was a rock song.
Does anyone know the name of the classical piece that was playing in the backround for the Geico Motorcycle commercial, in which they show an overhead view of a guy on a motorcycle driving down a long winding road?

I know it's a long shot but if anyone can help thanks!
I am also seeking the answer to this one.

It's a piano piece that is just amazing. Thanks.
Does anyone know the name of this song used in a 2010 commercial for Geico motorcycle insurance?

Geico Motorcycle Insurance Commercial 2010 (You Gotta Give Me What I Want)
Looking for this one as well....

Lyrics to a fairly indie rocking tune: "gotta give me what I want-want-want, gotta give me what I need-need-need"....

Appreciate any leads!