Geico bowling alley

This Geico caveman commercial will also be the new 3 Doors Down video:
First commercials, then a TV show and now a music video--the Geico cavemen certainly gets around.

The insurance provider announced today that their perpetually pissed off mascots will be appearing the upcoming 3 Doors Down video for the song "Let me be myself."

The video has also been sliced down into two 30-second TV ads that will begin airing this weekend. The Martin Agency handled.

According to the company, 3 Doors Down approached Geico about featuring the Cavemen in the video. The band felt like the song was relevant to the Caveman's story.
Who benefits more...Geico or 3 Doors Down?

In a recent Geico "Cavemen" commercial, I noticed that there was a tag with music credits info, quite like a music video. Sure the tune used in the ad was very appropriate but why the need for the credits?
Is this a new form of co-branding?
Is it similar to artistes using Target as a distribution network?
Who gains the most from this sort of hook-up? And, should artistes be paying for this sort of exposure or the other way around?
Re: Who benefits more...Geico or 3 Doors Down?

Well, Royksopp (and the song Remind Me) was relatively unknown until a Geico commercial came along of a caveman at an airport, passing by a Geico advertisement, with the song playing in the background. There a lot of people who wanted to have this song - and in fact I wanted it and several of my friends.

Perhaps they're making it easier for folks to find a catchy tune - and it makes for good better conversation for both parties, "Hey, you know that "3 Doors Down song" from that "Geico" commercial?" And when people hear the song - they'll think of Geico