Geico Insurance "Green Van"


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Hi all, first post after some successful usage of the site ;)

There's yet another Geico commercial with a bug green RV cruising around to yet another great beat. Any clues?

BTW, the dog song is available on at least one website. I won't post the link here because this isn't an MP3 trading site :blink: , but I was able to Google it up easily enough. :ph34r:
I've seen it several times but no clue on the music. However, the gekko has a blog. If there are enough people inquiring they'll post it soon. While you're at it could you send a separate e-mail requesting info on the music from the gekko employee of the month ad? They've never included that song in any of their blogs. I can only assume that not enough people ask.
I love that song too! I managed to find out who wrote and recorded it. Her name is Candace Harris and the name of the song is Asleep. However, you can't find it anywhere because it was written FOR geico. It belongs to them and they ain't givin it up :( .
I think you may be reffering to "Kung fu Fighting", a 70's tune by a one hit band.
We now have THRRRRReeeee different GEICO ads in one thread. :lol:
AHHHHHHhhhhhhhhhh shakeshead. lkjhfdsaghkj <-----head hits keyboard :p
Anyone find out the mystery to the song where the Green Van is driving in the city and then stops and the Gecko is standing on the back of the van?
Still nothing but if enough people e-mail them at then they will eventually post an answer. I check the blog almost every day looking for this one and the one with the lizard dancing the robot.
This is a fairly new commercial, its not on the geico website, but i've seen it on many stations, and was curious if anyone knew what the name of the song

it was techno(ish), with a big green truck going down roads, and at the very end, the gecko comes out of the rear of the truck doors and says "oh well hello" (in his australian accent)

hmm lol hope that was descriptive enough :D
In this commercial the green Geico van is driving across the country. At the end, the geico gecko hops out of the back of the van and says "Why hello".

Some real awesome music is playing throughout the whole commercial!

If anyone knows the title/artist of the song please post!
Thanks! :D