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Hey there,
Anyone know the music in Nintendo's New Gameboy Advance Ad aired during the 4/21/04 SMALLVILLE???

I recognize the music and swear I have it....

Any info...greatly appreciated :)
Well it was the 1st ad to air after the title music......
This is what I learned about it from the the nintendo site....its the 'FREEBOY' Ad

Best description is an Electroclash Song (in the vein of FischerSpooner) with Blondie like vocals....

It sounds REALLY familiar.....gah...hate when this happens!!
What is the name of the song that's playing in the new Gameboy AdvanceSP commercial? It's the commercial where the guy is walking on the street in a big city. Then he stops and starts playing GB. And the city becomes like this game cartoonish type of city where it's red and orange and stuff. Does anyone know this song? Thanks in advance.
The commercial has a guy in the middle of the street in a city playing with a gameboy,What is the song playing in the background?Its sung by a woman with a voice like Gwen Stefani.
Hey, does anybody know the song in the Game-Boy Advance commercial where the guy is standing in the street and everything around him morphs into a Nintendo Game. I think it is a new ad.


I'm trying to move/merge previous threads on this topic together -- this has been asked many times.

FYI, the NEW Gameboy Advance SP ad for the game Mario vs. Donkey Kong uses a different track from the same Goldfrapp album, Black Cherry -- the new ad uses the song called "Train".

(The second Gameboy Advance SP Nintendo ad is very similar to the first one, with the single guy walking through the city street, graphics emerging around him, etc.)
Does anyone know the name of the new gameboy advance sp commercial song that's previewing "mario advance golf tour". It's the same type as the one with"strict machine", with the guy standing and playing the game, but it's not Strict Machine. Thanks.
I haven't found a site yet with the add. I've been looking with no luck. The song starts out pretty much like the commercial with the song strict machine. It's a dance type beat, maybe house or trance, It's hard to say. It starts off with the music and ends with light female vocals in the background singing with the words. Hope this helps...but I doubt it. Thanks!
Again, with Goldfrapp? That's the third song they've used of theirs on a GBA ad. Anyway, you can hear a sample of "Train" here. :)
Thanks for responding, but that's not the song. Do you know the other songs used besides strict machine?
That's not it either! This is going to kill me. Hopefully sooner or later somebody will see the commercial. Just to remind's the same type of commercial as with the one with "Strict Machine". A guy is standing in the commercial playing the game as the camera circles around him. While doing this they show mario playing golf in some of the screen shots. Thanks again!
Yeah, there are three versions of ads with the guy standing in the street apparently. the only one i keep seeing is the one with "Situation" by Yaz for the classic NES games on GBA. I've never seen the Mario Golf version.
I really appreciate your help. Thanks again. Hopefully you will eventually see the commercial. I did find a website that talked about the Strict Machine commercial, but nothing was said about this one. They did say however that this was a new commercial that had just started to be aired this month. Unfortunately they did not give details about the song as they did on the older commercial. Maybe we'll see it more often this month on MTV! Thanks!
Gah, I've spent like the last hour and a half searching EVERYWHERE for this song, and still no luck. It's not Situation, Train, or Strict Machine. I can't believe Nintendo doesn't have info about it on their site :/

I know I saw a link here on Ad Tunes to one of the other Who Are You commercials, anyone know if there's a link to the Mario Golf one so we can at least have a reference to show people to help them search?
okay...I FINALLY saw the ad, on G4/TechTV I think. Anyway...

I can't find the ad online anywhere to share with others who haven't seen it. The orignal link that I put up, way back when, was only for the beginning of the whole GBA "guy in street" ad campaign/"Who Are You" campaign. It only has that very first ad up for viewing.

As for the music. Tough call... It's a super short sample of the instrumental part of some song. Hardly anything to go on for searches. :( It's going to take someone lucking into some info or just plain recognizing it.