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Has anyone recently seen the brand new Nintendo GameBoy Advance SP commercial with Donkey Kong Country? They are advertising it with a RED GameBoy and the commecial is mainly portraying Donkey Cong Country that is now playable on the GBA system. The song that is playing through-out the entire commercial is SO COOL and I can't seem to get it out of my head! Does ANYONE know what that song is?? THANKS!
hey, i agree.

is it the commercial where the guy is standing in this sort of cartoon world and its sort of acid-trippy the way all the colors and objects swirl around him?
I think I know which one you're talking about. The song is called Strict Machine by Goldfrapp. Very cool song indeed. The one used for Mario vs DK was by Goldfrapp as well, with the song Train.
No, it isn't that one. This commercial came out within just the past few days.

The thing is I used to have the song, years ago, but can't remember it's name or the artist for the life of me and it's driving me mad. <_<
is it the commercial for DK country 2? i just saw it on tv and went searching to find out what song it is, which...brought me here for the first time, actually. :) it sounded to me like a really awesome (yet barely recognizable) remix of "cannonball" by the breeders, but i'm not having any luck tracking down any remixes of that song. maybe nintendo created it? or maybe i'm wrong altogether. at any rate, good luck tracking it down; i'll definitely post here if i find it.
I've seen that does sounds like a remixed version of "Cannonball" by the Breeders.
None of these have been it so far, but I'm sure there are some mixes of Cannonball to still go through. While that doesn't bring back any memories of the song, It seems to ring a bell somewhere, so I'm still looking into those.

Man if feels like the song is on the tip of my tongue...
The song is by Mirwais, and is titled "Disco Science".

It can be found in the movie Snatch as well.
Oh, YES! There it is! Thanks a lot guys. Man I should have remembered it was in Snatch. :p
I've been searching for the song featured in the new nintendo Game Boy Advance commercial for donkey kong country 2.
Does anyone have the song name/ artist?
i think i'm looking for the same song.... I know i've heard it before... in some other movie, or commerical... sounds almost like it could be by Massive Attack, Crystal Method, or Basement Jaxx..... no lyrics.. kind of a whiney... pitch shift thing going on .... too bad i cant type what i can hum. almost sounds like a sample of Kim Deal's "ahhh ooohhh ohh" from The Breeder's cannonball in there, (i doubt it is acutally a sample, just reminds me of it)....

the commerical end "follow diddy and donkey....etc...." with 3-d fish flying around the gameboy boy.... and "who are you?"

help. I already know it is not any of the Goldfrapp, or Yaz, or anything like that.
Yeah... I know my brother had it on one of his CD's... but I can't really ask him...
Weird thing is, the CD he burned about three months ago had these songs:
The one I'm looking for(nintendo commercial)
black betty (nintendo commercial)
stop! (ipod or nintendo commercial)
vertigo (ipod commercial)
strict machine (nintendo commercial)

it's just weird :blink:
anyways...anyone know the song?
I GOT IT!!! IT IS "DISCO SCIENCE" BY MIRWAS ... AND IS ON THE SNATCH SOUNDTRACK.. i knew i knew it from a movie!

it is the scene where the dog chases the bunny rabbit, and kills it.

dj kulture
Originally posted by djkulture@Nov 17 2004, 01:36 AM
I GOT IT!!! IT IS "DISCO SCIENCE" BY MIRWAS ... AND IS ON THE SNATCH SOUNDTRACK.. i knew i knew it from a movie!

it is the scene where the dog chases the bunny rabbit, and kills it.

dj kulture
Thanks a lot :D
I was just about to sign off too....
thanks again
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