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First, Hello, Im new in this forums and the idea its amazing. :D

Well, this ad its absolutely beautiful, you have to watch it:

Basically, this is the new Nintendo ad that will be featured in most of the new movies coming by the end of the year (Matrix Revolutions, and so on). I don´t know if the ad will be on TV, but anyhow, the song its in Japanese and its beautiful. I just hope someday someone from here can see it and maybe, maybe actually recognize the song used in the comercial.

THanks to all
that is a really cute ad! good song too... no clue on it though.

my suggestion, unless someone recognizes it, is to get in touch with the marketing department of nintendo and ask them what the music is -- send an email or call a number. it doesn't hurt to ask them directly. get in now to them, before lots of people start seeing the ad and flooding nintendo with requests for the song! ;)
I have seen that commercial too and so want that song badly.
I believe the agency that did the ad is Leo Burnett -- unfortunately, their website is under construction, but I sent a general email requesting someone who I could get in contact with...

We'll see if I get any replies, and I'll keep you posted.
The song title is Hatsuko by Mayumi Kojima. Good luck finding a copy of it. If you do let me know.

School's Out for gaming
Nintendo branding and software launch ad asks, "Who are you?"

Drawing on its Asian heritage, Nintendo, through Leo Burnett USA, chose an Asian middle school as the scene for its epic brand campaign sporting the game makers new tagline: Who are you?

In "School's Out", students anxiously watch the clock as minutes tick by. At promptly 3:30 masses of children drop their pencils and begin rushing the streets. As they meet up with mobs more of uniformed kids, they start to take on superhuman characteristics - a young boy hops from phone booth to phone booth; a young girl deftly darts into a sewer. By the time the throngs arrive at their destination - a retailer selling the new Nintendo Super Mario Bros. 3 - they have all transformed into their favorite Nintendo character.

Creative director Dominick Maiolo says the idea came from fellow creative director Kash Sree who spent time living in Asia, where kids were let out of school early on one occasion in order to get a new video game.

The six-day shoot saw director Anthony Anastasio dealing with upwards of 500 extras. In order to retain the "wow factor" of the spot, as much of the action as possible was caught in camera. The stunt coordinator from Mortal Kombat: Annihilation was called in to organize the chaos. "We wanted the spot to look cool instead of tricky," says Maiolo, noting that only two sequences were shot with wire rigs against a green screen.

The 60-second version of the spot that breaks October 30 will run on 10,000 cinema screens across the US. 30- and 15-second versions will follow.


Agency: Leo Burnett USA

Vice Chairman/Deputy Chief Creative Officer: Mark Tutssel

Executive Creative Director: Jonathan Hoffman

Creative Directors: Dominick Maiolo, Bill Stone, Kash Sree

Art Director: Jeff Labbe

Copywriter: Kash Sree

Executive producer: Ron Nelken

Producer: Jenny Leimbrook

Production Company: Naked Projects

Director: Anthony Anastasio

Post Production: La Maison, Paris

Editor: Herve Schneid

Music: "Hatsuko" by Mayumi Kojima
WOW! :D thanks for the help!

im looking to download or getting the cd from a import cd store or something!

Have you figured out which import CD it might be on? I tried looking at several sources but a)no track listings or b)track list in japanese and i couldn't read it! Let us know if you find the CD! :)
Hi everyone. I am new to the forums but actually joined in search for this song, Mayumi Kojima - Hatsuko . If anyone comes across it or has the song, please contact me. Also, I am looking for all the music of the old 3 Ninjas Kick Back soundtrack, featuring Seo Teiji and others. Anyone who reads this and has these songs, please email me.

argh, it's impossible to find the song anywhere... it's driving me nuts.

did you find it online in a store?
Hey Everyone,

I saw this commercial a couple of times on TV, and was intrigued more by the song rather than the visuals. Usually I go for songs that are not "with the crowd". I guess I appreciate more this way. Anyway, I'm babling. I am trying to "search" for it on sources which will go unnamed.

After some searching, about 15 minutes. I came up with some additional info:

According to the song is called "Hatsukoi" and is on the album "Songs for Gentlemen". Now I'm not sure if misspelled (sp?) it or the other sources did. I'll have to do more research on that. But, so far, no luck on finding an online vendor or trying to find it from other sources.

I'll post what other stuff I come up with.

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Hey Again,

Lol. I posted about 5 seconds earlier and have more info. I double checked the song on , another database and found out that the song is also called "Hatsukoi". The song is also found in the album "Me And My Monkey On The Moon".

If anyone has any other information to contribute, please let the community know.

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there's gotta be a copy of it somewhere... maybe it will become more available now that the commercials are coming out.
I just played the trailer a few times for my roommate who is from Japan and she thinks it may be a new single coming out.

My guess is they will have a wider release of the song after the trailer/commercials are more widespread.

We're trying to see if we can find it anywhere now.
Good Day Everyone,

After some searching yesterday on a peer-to-peer program which has the auto-search function, which of course will go unnamed yet again, I found Hatsukoi. And to confirm it, the song is called "Hatsukoi" NOT "Hatsuko". By the way, "Hatsukoi" means "first love" in Japanese. How fitting. It's definitely a keeper. If you want the song, just keep searching for it.


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Hey Hey,

Besides getting the song from a peer-to-peer application, you can buy one of the albums from some online stores I found:

CDJapan offers many titles from Mayumi Kojima and does ship to North America. As always, the cost is more for import CDs (About $26 for "Songs for Gentlemen") and there are probably costs for customs, etc.

Here's a list of all the Albums they offer:

Also, there is a Hatsukoi Single and costs about $9 US. also offers Mayumi Kojima CDs, but they are limited and expensive:

Hope this helps.

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K'mon Kermit, name your p2p. Or give us a hint then. Been searchin azza for days and can't find a thing. Funny enough after searching with the Hatsukoi title I get 3 results but none of them are the song I'm looking for. Anyone fancy Aiko. Cos I know I don't.
oh man the name being wrong really hurt us...

any hints? My roomie really likes this one (Once I showed her the correct spelling she recognized the name of it)
This forum does not promote downloading music illegially. Please do not share tips or give advice on the topic.

NosceTeIpsum went to the trouble of finding other sources and sharing them with us for this song that are available for purchase on CDs.

If the song remains popular and demand is there, maybe it will be released here in the future and you won't have to deal with high import costs.