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Okay,, Back in 2000 Fox had a tv show called Freakylinks. The second episode was called "Subject: 3-13" and in it there was a song played.... I think it was used twice in the episode.

Lyrics go something like this:

"I've been waiting for a train and it's (or "that is") never coming back.. I've been waiting for **a year??** and I'm slowly going ma--a--ad."

It ends with the repeated line "How long I waited...How long I waited"...

This sounds a little like Gin Blossoms maybe, or Athenaeum.. one of those not quite popular radio bands of the day.

Here's a link to an online snippet of the song, so you can hear it:

Does anybody know the title & the artist on this at all? There's a lotta Freakylinks fans I chat with, wanting to know... this song isn;t listed wth any of the other music used in the show. I've searched Google, canot find it.
All I've been able to find is the discussion you're having about this song on another Forum. :lol:

Don't know the song though, can't find anything with lyrics search... :unsure: