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Does anybody know the name/artist of the song that played at the very first of the episode when the teen-age kid was waiting with his mom for the school bus. It also played for quite a long time near the end of the show. It had a piano and was slow with depressing lyrics. Can't remember the lyrics exactly, something about people with empty eyes going nowhere or something. The last thing he sings is "mad world" I think. I should have posted right after the show went off when the lyrics were fresh in my mind. It's probably some popular song by some popular new group like Cold Play but I've never heard it before.
Ok I'm stupid. I did a quick look on TV tome and it had it right there in the episode list. The song that played during this eipsode was "MAD WORLD" by "GARY JULES"
"Mad World" is a cover of a Tears For Fears Song from The Hurting. Check it out though, cool little song.

Ok Ok I admit it, I'm Gary Jules. Buy my album! B)
Are you "shilling" your own album in the forum?
No, j/k.
I found out this song is part of the Donnie Darko soundtrack too.
The remake is alot better than the original.
Anyone know what song was playing when they found the boy, then continued at the end of the show? It sounded like Coldplay to me but hubby disagrees.

FYI: Over on TV Tome, someone believes it is this guy named Peter Manning Robinson

Update: he was just a musician playing on the song, not the singer.
This may not be needed, but just for clarification, the song featured in that episode of "Without a Trace" is by the artist David Berkeley (not William ROBERTSON, Berkeley's fellow musician who played guitar on the track), a Georgia native and Harvard grad. He's got some great stuff, check him out at:

Hi i'm really new to the forums but i've been checking out this site for some time bc it's AWESOME! anyways, does anyone watch the show without a trace? There is one episode where near the end of the episode, there is a song playing during a pivotal moment in the plot. I don't know the episode title but its the one where this boy goes missing from the school washroom and as the episode progresses, u find out that he was always being picked on by his classmates. I'd really appreciate it if someone knew and wouldn't mind telling me :)
I looked through some episode descriptions and the episode titled "Wannabe" might fit your description:
A 12 year old boy (Jake Thomas) goes missing. The team discovers that the boy had a rough 24 hours leading up to his disappearance. He disappeared in the middle of the school day, the only clues a broken miror, a discarded hall pass, and blood on the wall....until a picture of him is sent around the school. (via TVTome)

Anyway, if that's the episode, the only song mentioned is "Mad World" by Michael Andrews/Gary Jules from the DONNIE DARKO Soundtrack.
Does anyone know who or what the song was called in the March 25/04 episode. It was the episode where the children were kidnapped on their school bus. I've heard the song before, but can't pinpoint it. This show has such great music, I wish they would post the titles at the end in BIG FONTS for us to see.

Thank You If You Can Help
Well??????? What was it? Others may want to know.

EDIT-Oh, and you're welcome :D
Ahhhhhh Gary Jules. ;) Excellent cover. Better than the original. ;)
I really enjoyed hearing it through the show. I had never watched this show before and I completely enjoyed it, music and all.....lol
Yeah I don't think that I've ever watched it. Maybe I should give it a shot. The music on that link all looks good.

Well....lunch is over. Back to work.