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What's your favorite electronic music commercial?

I've really gotten into electronic music the past few years, and I love to try new stuff. But that's kinda hit and miss. I'd like some new choices. Anyone out there have new stuff to recommend?
check out the hugo boss perfume commercials. the music is great; and i like to know who the hell makes it
We all know The Prodigy, and certainly The Chemical Brothers. But you can chip the iceberg with Darude, Felix da Housecat, Console, Andrew W.K. (Sort of, but you will like him) Broken Social Scene, and Fridge.......others :)

Ironically I learned about most through, you guessed it, commercails! But finding a new song thats got a great beat is something to love, its rare to find good tunes without diving deep. I'm happy to list a few, if I had had this back in the day, well, I would have needed to buy a new harddrive alot sooner!

Good luck!
If you have iTunes do this: Switch your location from US to Britain and search under dance and electronic. Find a song that you like from a group you know then see what else people bought with this song. I have loads of nice techno and electronic music. Some groups: 4 Strings, 4 Clubbers, Air, Alexander Robotnik, Armand van Helden, Benny Benassi, BT, Daft Punk, DJ Armin van Buuren, Tiesto, Flutlicht, Ian van Dahl. I could go on...
I think the mitsubishi commercial for the eclipse with dirty vegas is sweet. Can't think of anything off hand other than that though.
Hey, I totally do that, too!
I thought I was just wierd, didn't know anyone else was checking out Britain!
I'll look into those bands, thanks!

yeah, dirty vegas, I actually have that one. You are right on track there!
and Eiffel65, Fischerspooner, Daft Punk, Chemical Brothers, etc

I know The Prodigy, and The Chemical Brothers and I know Felix Da Housecat, very cool, and Broken Social Scene someone just told me of recently, so I'll probably like the others you listed, too!! Thanks

yeah I like that music too, wonder who it is? Have you tried starting a thread? Someone here may know...
Originally posted by Seren8@Sep 17 2005, 06:12 PM

yeah I like that music too, wonder who it is? Have you tried starting a thread? Someone here may know...
that's what I did actually; but nobody seems to know...
I dunno...I just wanna horde the good ones for myself! I cant stand what coldplay has become, but OK, I'll break, another one you'll love is Capitol K. Now I gotta go check out what lagtacular is speaking about. Hope its great!
Originally posted by lagtacular@Sep 15 2005, 03:37 PM
I think the mitsubishi commercial for the eclipse with dirty vegas is sweet. Can't think of anything off hand other than that though.
yup days go by - dirty vegas, sick song
You might want to check some of these songs out. Some are oldies but they're goodies:

The Eternal, by Jose Amnesia (there are various remixes but I think the best is by Pulser)

Exhale, by System F

God Music (Cosmic Gate Remix), by Dumonde

Floor Control, by Castaneda

Pocket Damage, by Eon

Greece 2000, by Three Drives

Thunder In Paradise Part II, Beam vs. Cyrus
Hey those are all good! and believe it or not, no I had not heard them b4. So, cool Thanks!!! :D
Let's see ...hmmm..

How about none other than the poineers of the format itself: Kraftwerk?
There is also:Aphex Twin, Crystal Method,BT,Binger The Voyager, Fischerspooner..

Theres a few to start with..

yeah I have those, and I love them all, but Binger The Voyager, now that's new to me! I will have to check that out. :D Thanks!! ;)
a few more

Juno Reactor
Paul Oakenfold
Robert Miles
Sander Kleinenberg
way out west
Artists you need:

Above & Beyond
Adam Freeland
Andy Hunter
Antoine Claraman
Bad Boy Bill
Benny Benassi
Blank & Jones
Carl Cox
Christopher Lawrence
Danny Howells
Darren Emerson
David Seamen
Deep Dish
DJ Dara
DJ Shadow
DJ Tiesto
Erick Morillo
Ferry Corsten
Groove Coverage
Herran Cattaneo
Infected Mushroom
James Holden
Johan Gielen
Judge Jules
Kai Tracid
Kernkraft 400
Kyau vs Albert
Marcel Woods
Matt Darey
Mauro Picotto
Max Graham
Mirco De Govia
Nick Warren
Paul Oakenfold
Paul Van Dyk
Pete Tong
Rank 1
Robbie Rivera
Robert Miles
Ron Van Den Beuken
Ronski Speed
Sander Klienenberg
Sandra Collins
Satoshi Tomiie
Steve Lawler
Sven Vath
Timo Maas
Way Out West

:eek: :D :lol:
hey, thanks you guys. I only know probably about a third of those y'all listed.
so, cool, very cool...!!! B) ;)

When you're talking about "Electronic" Music are you specifically refering to Electronica or Techno or House music specifically and what about Ambient music because there are alot more artist to recommened if about the later which of course is much more subtle(ambient) but is electronic music none the less.
Just curious...