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I've recently gotten into Reggaeton music, anyone familiar with this? And could you point me in the direction of a few good artisits or songs? I have some Daddy Yankee and I was looking for MC Pittbull, but he's not on iTunes. I alos have Wisin & Yandell. Ok, thanks!
and I was looking for MC Pittbull, but he's not on iTunes

Just try him as "Pitbull" ... his stuff's pretty good, btw!
He also has a song on one of the "Fast and the Furious" soundtracks (2 Fast 2 Furious, I believe) that's cool too ...


There you go.
I did see Pittbull and one Pitbull, but you know there are so many artists with similar names, I just didn't think it was him. Thanks!
I recently got turned on to Reggaeton music. The only artist I know so far is Vico C.
Sup! am really into reggeaton i got sum good ones

Zion y lenox- Hay algo en ti
plan B- frikitona
Zion y lenox- yo voy a llegar
Zion y lenox-te hago el amor
Daddy yankee ft. zion y lenox- tu principe
nicky jam - yo no soy tu marido

Most of these have ill beats u can dance too let me know if u like them ill give u more
Very Cool! :D Thank U! I like everything so far :lol: Everything that I have found, that is!
When I was in Costa Rica all you heard was reggaeton. I heard Gasolina by Daddy Yankee like twice a day. :lol:
that's funny...
i love that song, but maybe not THAT much!
hehe :D