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have any of you watched the History Of House Music?

i thoroughly enjoyed watching these. hope the links work, hope y'all like 'em.

i have a question about a song playing in volume 2. it's playing around the part where the guy says "it's like a thundering train hit the Hacienda."
anyone know what song that is??? i know i've danced myself into a frenzy to it before and i'd really like to find it.

much love.

you feelin okay? ;)


p.s. the links DO work, they just take a good few minutes to load
okay, i found out the song i'm looking for is probably

Royal House - Can You Party

i'd like several mixes of it to choose from, however :D
^my pleasure! i've watched them several times myself. dontcha just love the part in Volume 2 when Derrick May goes:

" i was scared of strings was scared of that track, i was completely nekkid just walkin around my house nekkid for a whole day....i dunno i was trippin ...i never did drugs but i felt like i was on drugs maaaaaan!!"

lol i LURV that part. yea.. great vids! glad you enjoyed 'em ! :D
Yeah that was great. Now if they History lessons like these at school I would've paid more attention. lol