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Does anyone know of the rock song in the Doom Trailer. It comes in after the briefing of "Handlizing...Sarge" Then hes like "Gametime!" The intro starts when the screen says 'On October 21st'

Some lyrics I heard were: "Theres no way to attack. Theres not way to fight back. Got no time to react

I tired searching on google but no luck so far. If any of you know then please post back.
sick thanks, i was going to ask the same, can't wait for the movie :)
It's gonna suck. Half the movie is actually done through a first person view.
Thats what makes it unique.

Suck or not I still wana see it. I think it would be pretty kool for a change in the first person view.
It'll prolly get hella bad reviews from the critics but sitll. Im a fan of DooM so what the hell. Might as well see the story form the movie POV. I heard its different than the storyline from the game.

Always up for something different.

I wonder what and who they will have on the movie soundtrack. Prolly some heavy songs, but idk.

BTW ad7 do u like Celldweller ? Iv been checking out some of their songs. They have an electronic and metal twist pretty awesome stuff.
hello i was wondering the song on the commercial of the Doom Unrated DVD.

it was one of the superbowl commercials this year

It sound like the instrumental version of gwen stefani "hollar back girl" ;)
Does anybody know what's the song that plays in the "Doom" movie trailer?