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New Diet Coke commercial-guy dancing around loft apartment-the now ubiquitous bubbles-some lyrics-

'I like the way you move'

Anyone? Bueller?
The band is The Bodyrockers and the song is "I Like The Way You Move". They are from the UK. :)
Does anyone know the song in the Coke (diet coke?) commercial...the lyrics that are heard is "I like the way that you move". Thanks!
Originally posted by ohiomedgirl@Jul 25 2005, 09:12 AM
The band is The Bodyrockers and the song is "I Like The Way You Move"
You can find the song on the Import CD-Single with some remixes from Song is also available for download from iTunes here.
Originally posted by pinkpuppy@Aug 7 2005, 04:27 AM
Does anyone know who the guy is dancing in this commercial?
ditto. anyone know who he is? he's kinda pretty.
Hi there ya all. I was hoping someone knows the song to the new diet coke ad. It has a guy dancing all over his giant apartment to a singer saying "I like the way you move" Any help would be appreciated. Thanks, Carolyn
I'm hoping someone can help me find a song on an Ipod commercial that is driving me crazy. Believe me I did search all your posts and all over the web and tried them all, but the brief clip of the songs from Itunes still leaves me stumped. The lyrics are "I like the way you move" Sorry if I've missed it somewhere.

If it is the same music that plays in the background of a Coca-Cola commercial (where a guy dances getting dressed with the red socks) then it is probably "I Like The Way You Move" by Bodyrockers. I don't remember seeing it in an iTunes/iPod commercial tho. But Apple usually has the commercials at it's site.
YES! That's it. Thanks so much. Maybe I got the commercial wrong - says something about advertising - but the mystery is solved and I've got it downloaded. I can't for the life of me find the ads on the site, all the links I had for those didn't seem to work any more. Thanks again. Now I can move on to the rest of my life.