diet coke

  1. C

    Diet Coke

    Hi, it's me again. There is a new commercial out for Diet Coke. I think it's all music - no singing. It's amazing. I looked on their site but didn't see anything. Anybody know what song I'm speaking of? Muchas Gracias!!:D
  2. A

    Diet Coke "Stay Extraordinary"

    it's "Ready to Go' by Panic! at the Disco, in case anyone asks :)
  3. G

    Diet Coke Australia "Feel the Brightness"

    Hey Guys, This has driven me nuts for quiet awhile! Any clues to the song on the "Feel the Brightness" Diet Coke Add filmed in Sydney at Museum station and the fountain? here is the direct link to the add- Thanks!
  4. H

    Diet Coke "Stay Extraordinary"

    Just now during the Oscars there was a Diet Coke commercial which had lyrics "a moment, a laugh" the end of the commercial it said stay extraordinary. It was sung by a guy and sounded kind of indie/pop. Thanks in advance!!!!!!
  5. H

    Diet Coke Tom Colicchio

    What is the name of the annoying but catchy song that plays throughout the commercial? I have it stuck in my head and I don't even know what it's called!
  6. B

    Diet Coke Duffy

    can't find anywhere an mp3 of duffy singing sammy davies jr's song 'i've got to be' in the diet coke ad, can anyone help:confused:
  7. I8urpenguin

    Diet Coke

    OMG. I was watching American Idol last night, and there was a new commercial for Diet Coke. It had a song with no words that was just kind of bouncy and happy sounding (lol) and I used to have it on my ipod but I CANT REMEMBER WHAT IT IS. Later on in the song it has words, but that part wasn't...
  8. M

    Bacardi and Diet Coke "Made 2 Mix"

    Does any1 know what the Dance tune is off the new Bacardi "made 2 mix" advert on Channel 4, Lyrics "Happy........... make u happy baby............" hope sum1 can help
  9. U

    Diet Coke

    New Diet Coke commercial-guy dancing around loft apartment-the now ubiquitous bubbles-some lyrics- 'I like the way you move' Anyone? Bueller?
  10. C

    Diet Coke "Sparkle" Rollerskating

    There are people rollerblade around... hot blonde ;)
  11. L

    Diet Coke Lime

    I just heard (today) a small part of music from a Diet Coke Lime commercial and really enjoyed. I don't have much info beyond that, anyone have any ideas? Thanks.
  12. A

    Diet Coke Kate Beckinsale and Adrien Brody

    I'm wondering if anyone might know what the song used in this commercial is. This is the one where Kate Bekinsale is walking along a pool in a bikini, with bubbles flying out of the Diet Coke can she's holding. It's fairly new, I believe released May 10. I've found lots of other info about...
  13. K

    Diet Coke

    Whats is the name of the song on the coke commercial where the son is at a concert and see's his dad and his mother there. Its sort of punk/rock music. I'm pretty sure its a Diet Coke commercial