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I just heard (today) a small part of music from a Diet Coke Lime commercial and really enjoyed. I don't have much info beyond that, anyone have any ideas? Thanks.
I didn't actually see the commercial. My girlfriend thinks there was a woman dancing. The music may have had a "tribal" style. I know that's not much. The only other thing I could say, was it is fairly new. Thanks for all your help. I'll post more details if I see the commercial.
does anyone know what the song is playing on the new Diet Coke with lime commercial is?

thanks if ya kno :)
k i saw it again and payed more attention.. there is a girl in this one...the music is being sung b a guy and he is saying something like bong bong bong bong or dong dong something that rhymes with "ong" (not thong) and at the end of the commercial it says introducing lime... hope this helps :)
i just saw the commercial tonight...i know if you go to the coke website and contact them and send an email asking what the song is, they'll email you promptly...they did so for me with the adrien brody commercial. they were actually really nice and prompt about it.
The song is Way of the Light by Gift of Gab off 4th Dimensional Rocketships Going Up.
Originally posted by lilzb@Jul 29 2004, 04:45 PM
The song is Way of the Light by Gift of Gab off 4th Dimensional Rocketships Going Up.
Thanks! Link to available audio sample, track 3.
I saw the diet coke lime commercial today and i really want to find the song thats playing in it...if anyone knows what it is or who sings it that id greatly appreciate it ;)
The New Coke commercial , Coke with Lime or something like that. It shows a black lady standing on the sidewalk drinking coke and there are green bubbles floating in the air.

I doubt its a real song , just one made specifically for that commercial probably. But any help would still be appreciated.
The commercial is one of those new coke ads. There are a couple similar to it, one with an actress walking beside a pool holding a diet coke, another with adrien brody walking around with a coke, and now this one. They're all similar. This one is for DIET COKE WITH LIME and it's pretty short. I can't describe the music well except that there are really no lyrics, except "Bum-bum bum-bum bum bum". In the ad a girl is holding a coke and smiling. She looks up as a bunch of bubbles go into the air. Help please!
Hi all. The music is by Gift of Gab. The track is called Way of The Light.
Does anyone know what artist does the song on the diet coke with lime commercial..the one where the chick with the fro is drinking a diet coke and all the bubbles rise up?? If anyone knows please tell me because this is very frustrating!! >.<
are you talking about the commercial where the girl looks up and all of the green bubbles come out of the can?
if you're still talking about that diet coke with lime commercial with the guy going "bong bong bong," I think the song is

"way of the light" by the band "gift of gab."

hope that helps.
About that song that everyone is curious about from the Diet Coke Lime commercial... I think it is called "Way of the Light" (featuring VURSATYL of Lifesavas). Artist: The Gift of Gab. Album: Fourth Dimensional Rocketships Going Up. Hope this helps.
Hey, does anyone know that new Lime Coke commercial with this slow-beat kind of song with a guy sorta singing like: "pom pom pom pom pom pom pom....... pom pom pom pom pom.. etc" lol. In the commercial you see this girl drinking it on the street, at first I thought it was raining but it turned out to be these greenish bubbles coming out of the Coke can and she's all enjoying it lol :p thanks for those ones that might know what the song is.
Actually, if you bother to read all the way through that thread I linked to, the answer is in there. But to avoid any further confusion the song is "Way of Light" by Gift of Gab.
[I consulted the forum to no avail]

What is the name of the song/artist in the Diet Coke LIME commercial in which this man is at a bus stop and the lime bubbles reflect the undersea mural behind him? Thanks!