Diet Coke Kate Beckinsale and Adrien Brody


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I'm wondering if anyone might know what the song used in this commercial is.

This is the one where Kate Bekinsale is walking along a pool in a bikini, with bubbles flying out of the Diet Coke can she's holding. It's fairly new, I believe released May 10. I've found lots of other info about the commercial, just not what the music is.

You can actually watch the commercial here...
(Windows Media file)

If anyone recognizes the song, I'd sure appreciate it. :)
ahoy ahoy turn for a question!!

does anyone know the music playing in the new coke commercial with adrian brody :)wub:) walking around? it says "bounce" at the end of the commercial.

the music has a sort of funk beat to it and has the lady singing "people are you ready?....let's start the show...!" and then a guy starts rapping.

thanks in advance!
Oh god... I haven't seen the commercial yet, but if Adrian Brody is in it, I will HAVE to see it.
I know regular Coke's official site has their ads up sometimes for viewing... Maybe this one is on there somewhere?
good idea michelle (as always)

i just checked and they haven't put up the commercial yet...but i'll keep an eye out for it unless someone posts it first ;)
i dunno if this helps a bit, but the song starts out with guitar/bass that's similar to the beginning of that song "play the funky music white boy..."

it also aired during the american idol finale back to back w/ the kate beckinsale coke commercial :rolleyes:
Hmmm, well I don't know the song in the Adrian Brody one, but in the Kate Beckinsale commercial, its "Tiptoe" by Goldfrapp. ;)

This is my first post here - but I figured I'd let ya'll know I found the song title.. I saw the commercial and just had to know what song it was.

it's "Callin' Out" by Lyrics Born. You can hear it here - click on the "Peep the Singles" link and it's the first sound clip that loads.

OOOOOOOPS!!!!!!!!!!!! SORRY!!!!!!!!!! I hate walking into the ladies room by mistake. Or is this a baby shower? Bachelorette party? :unsure: :p

haha fitzy~!

hey reya! thanks so much for the song!!!! that was so quick! how did you ever find it? :lol: oh and welcome to the forums!! ;)
Looking for the name of the song used in the new Diet Coke Commericals...Help please!?!?! :)
hi, the two commercials featuring adrian brody and kate beckinsale you can find in this thread

Thanks, Reya. . .I've been obssessed with this song ever since I saw the commercial for the first time. . .you've given me the link I've been looking for.
if you want to see the commerical its right here ... but they are kind of small ... gives you the idea ... i dont think they say what the title is but we already have that covered don't we.


ps ... kate beckinsale's commercial is on there too for all the males on this forum
What caught my attention was that two credible entertainment figures were involved in a Coke commercial. Lyrics Born is a three piece hip-hop group with years of tour and studio success. For more hits look for "I changed my mind," their most well know tour hit.
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