1. H

    Coca-Cola 125 Years

    hi i really need this ad's ost
  2. M

    Coca-Cola "One Coke. One Song. Street Dancer" dupstep

    The guy who dances to pumped up kicks dubstep on the commercial. but waht is the song?
  3. C

    Coca-Cola Big Red Truck

    Anyone know the song from the latest coca cola advert .... Thanks for any help!
  4. Guest

    Coca-Cola "Border"

    I know that theme, but I just can't place it. Could someone remind me?
  5. Spaceman Spiff

    Coca-Cola Coke "Everyday Sweet Sunshine"

    There's a new Coca Cola (Coke) commercial out with a song that I would guess is called "Everyday Sweet Sunshine" (see link). Does anyone know if this is part of a full-length song, or is it just a snippet/jingle written for the commercial? If full-length, who is it sung by? Thanks!
  6. H

    Diet Coke "Stay Extraordinary"

    Just now during the Oscars there was a Diet Coke commercial which had lyrics "a moment, a laugh" the end of the commercial it said stay extraordinary. It was sung by a guy and sounded kind of indie/pop. Thanks in advance!!!!!!
  7. N

    Coca-Cola sleepwalking

    Does anyone know the classical music playing in the Coke commercial in which there is a man in Africa who sleepwalks to a refrigerator to get Coke and is guided by animals?
  8. vandalite

    Coca-Cola 2010 Vancouver Olympics hockey

    There's this new ad circulating around (and in movie theaters too) about the 2010 Vancouver Olympics, and specifically Hockey. First of all, the ad is just awesome if you happen to be Canadian, but does anyone know the name of the song in that ad?
  9. D

    Coca-Cola Recycling

    I've seen this commercial a few times, but only in the movie theater previews. At the end of the commercial it say something like "if you've had a coke product in the last 20 years then you've taken part in one of the largest recycling efforts ever..." It had music playing throughout the...
  10. B

    Diet Coke Duffy

    can't find anywhere an mp3 of duffy singing sammy davies jr's song 'i've got to be' in the diet coke ad, can anyone help:confused:
  11. A

    Walmart Coca-Cola "Stock Up on Joy" movie theater ad

    I went to see (was dragged to) Twilight, and there was this incredibly catchy Christmas themed commercial for Wal Mart with a guy walking through a party distributing coke to his friends including a Judo trainer, myspace friends and a cool stepmom. Any ideas where I can find this? Thanks.
  12. H

    Coca-Cola Coke "This is My Life"

    This commercial just started poping on our tvs and i can't find anything about the song in it, and i can't find a clip to show you all but i remember some of the lyrics it had: "I'm in love it hurts and i feel there's no way out........ this is my life, this is my chance" any ideas? :huh:
  13. leffer

    Coca-Cola whistling

    Everytime I hear the ad, I go to see it and by the time i get back into the room, it's over. Anyway, the ad is new and has some kids running around or something. The music is upbeat, has some very catchy whistling and ends with grunting. If anyone has an idea of what this may be, i would...
  14. Walking Antique

    Coca-Cola Coke "Bird's Nest"

    Looking for a folk style song (song by a man) played I believe for a Coke commercial sometime during the first hour or so of the Olympic games opening ceremony. I have not seen the commercial air since. It is not the Yao Ming/Lebron James commercial. Thank you in advance.
  15. leone

    Coca-Cola Olympics ceremony

    "Breathe Me" by Sia (Amazon) (iTunes)
  16. B

    Coca-Cola Olympics LeBron James Yao Ming

    does anyone know what song is played during the lebron james, yao ming coke commercial? yao and james keep displaying things from usa and china and eventually share a coke. the music is like techno chinese beat.
  17. E

    Cola light commercial

    Hi, I'm looking for the song that's used in the new Coke light (fashion flight) commercial with the airplane flying over the white cardboard paper, you can find it ont their site: =>tv spot It's something like: "I've got my bags packed...
  18. S

    coca cola christmas

    anyone know the new coke ad with a girl singing: "remember when it snows your never all alone. the greatest gift is in your heart" the ad shows a young girl and santa giving each other a coke and it follows the girl as she gets older and at the end she gives santa a coke... thank you!!
  19. J

    Coca-Cola Rewards Ad.

    Anyone know the music done for the Coca-Cola rewards ad in-between American Idol? The ad features a bottle top rolling around what looks like a subway station and the music is instrumental/classical. Thanks, Dabney
  20. V

    Coke GTA videogame

    Anyone see this new commercial by Coke: Does anyone know who sings it (seems like a newer version).