Diet 7-UP SODA free trip to space


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I ran a search, correct me if this is already a thread. Just saw the diet 7-up commercial, it starts out with people floating around, close up of the 7-up can, then the 7-up floating in the air, finally the people drinking it while its floating hence ther in space. They are all in green suits and in a space ship if you wouldnt have already guessed. the commercial says you can win a free trip to space if you looked on special marked diet 7-up cans or bottles what ever it is. Dont know if its really true but anyway. The reason i requested this commercial, the music that is playing is really sweet, almost ambient but still has a technoish feel to it. Just wondering if anyone knew who the group was, i couldnt lay a finger on it, hopefully somone can help thanx.
Say "I" if you have seen this commercial "bump" the song is so sweettttt
OK ok ok ok lets try "raise your left hand" if you have seen this commercial i cant believe im the only one. BUMP