Diamond is Forever "How Can I Tell You" Cat Power

Originally posted by sarang5@Dec 2 2006, 05:46 PM
Its Leslie Feist doing a cover
Is there some doubt that this DeBeers Diamonds commercial song is performed by Cat Power (aka Chan Marshall)?

If you believe it is by a different artist, please provide a source for this info.
Wow, so we know Cat Power is singing the song in the commercial and now where is this song on any of her albums oldest to newest? I looked at a Cat Power web site and went through all of her albums each song on each album was listed. None of them were "the song" She did have a new album coming out and one that had come out not very long ago at all. I think it was one of those one time songs for the commercial specifically. Whaaaaa :( I really want this song!!!!!! Damn you Cat Power quit doing this to us!!!!!
i forget what the commercial is for, but i'm pretty sure it has regina spketor singing, and i wanted to know what song. in it a husband like sneaks out of bed to get a necklace for his wife, and then puts it on her while shes sleeping. i think the lyrics r something like "i dont know how to say i love you" or something like that.
i thought it was regina spektor 2, and i also joined just to find out what the song was!
thanks for the answer
Can someone please tell me the name of the song and singer of the song in the current diamond commercial with lyrics that include "always thinking of you."

Thanks very much.

Everyone who said Cat Power please stand up and take a bow. here is a quote from her label, Matador Records, website.

"And yes, that is Chan you hear singing the Cat Stevens song "How Can I Tell You" in the new DeBeers ad. No plans to release it as far as we know, so quit asking."

You can find this and more here ...


I joined this site just to find this song. After reading the forum for the video on youtube it seems it's not even released yet....but the general consensus is that it's Chan Marshall/Cat Power. If anyone has been able to find it please share! I did find the Cat Stevens version without a problem.
a) i joined this site because of this song
B) i thought it was edie brickell
c) the actual singer of this, for the commercial, really needs to release a cd with this song on it. maybe we should start petitioning a record label on her behalf.
Cat Power is AMAZING!!! If you like the song on the commercial, listen to the rest of her CD. It's called The Greatest and it's really awesome. Her voice is so gorgeous. I love that commercial too.
I'm am not sure of the company that made this commercial, so I'll just describe it.

It starts in a bedroom, and it's snowing outside.
The husband closes a window and goes into the living room.
He opens the grandfather clock, and pulls out a jewelry box.
He goes back into the bedroom and puts the necklace on the sleeping wife.
She is actually awake, and he pretends to be asleep, and she gives him a kiss.

What is the name and artist of this song in this commercial?
It is a Cat Stevens song, and it does sound like Cat Power, but I can't find it on iTunes.