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What's the music in the new Comcast Digital Cable commercial that promotes their new Rhapsody Channel (an MTV-type channel)? It's the one where it has all these posters/handbills posted against a street, wall, call, telephone poll, and the camera slowly goes down the street to the right.

Any help?
Where are you located? (or at least what local tv market are you in?). I ask because while Comcast has a broad national reach, their commercials are still heavily regionalized.

I haven't seen anything about Rhapsody and I live outside Philadelphia, the home of all things Comcast.

I can still try to find out the song for you...if I'm looking at cable commercials at work I'll keep an eye and ear out.
I'm in Dallas. I saw it was on one day last week. It seemed to be on at every commercial break during the day on the cable channels. I haven't seen it since, but then again, I haven't seen as much TV since that day. If you find out, that'd be great.
I'm in Dallas. I saw this commercial run a whole bunch over a period of 4 days a couple of weeks ago. It went away. Now, it's back. It's for the digital music service Rhapsody that somehow comes through your cable. It's run by Comcast, the people from Philly. It's the commercial with all the handbills and flyers being posted all along a street. Pretty good commercial. Music has lots of drums and bass. Anybody know?
Hi, the group is called "Interpol" and the song is called "Obstacle1." I too wanted to know the song, but felt I had heard it before. On a whim, I checked out my CD collection for Alternative bands and to my pleasant surprise, it was in my music collection all this time.

Hope this helps,

The rhaspody commercial that can be found if you have comcast cable or what not has a song that is played while the commercial is aired. This commercial features flyers and posters of several bands just filling and covering everything. I would like ot know what band is playing the background music and possibly the song... I am guessing it is a "the" band but not sure any direction would be much appreciated.
I emailed customer service to get the song, it was bugging me bad and I figured it would be the best way to find out. I suggest this for any other song questions. That is, if you can't find the answer on this site. :)
yea, i know i probebly didnt spell it right but im looking for the song on the Rhapsody commercial, where the flyers are appearing everywhere stacking on the street. Thanks!
Does anyone know the song from the Rhapsody commercial with all of the crazy high speed bands' fliers being put up everywhere. I'm pretty sure its their only commercial with a song on it, so any help would be appreciated, thanks.
The beginning of the commercial plays Interpol-Obstacle 1

but the singing part is not from the same song, it sort of switches to another song
Ok it's also a song that played in the new mtv show The Hills, at a part which is basically a pool party. It sounds like the music from Interpol, but i looks at all of their tracks, and it's not them singing. It is sort of a up beat punk-ish voice singing with the music.

if you sample Obstacle 1, it is the start of the commercial (which may help some people remember it.