1. R

    XFINITY On Demand "Fun and Full of Surprises"

    Hello; I'm new to this process. I'm trying to identify the music in this commercial:
  2. D

    Comcast Business "The Difference"

    There's a very catchy instrumental tune at the 15 second point of this ad: Does anyone know where it is from? I'd really like to acquire the full version! Thank you!
  3. B

    Comcast pool party

    The commercial starts with a young couple, and the guy says "I hope you don't mind, but I invited some friends", - and then more people keep coming over until there is a pool party. I don't know the song or who sings it, and I can't find the commercial online. There is a lady on the tv in the...
  4. K

    Comcast Xfinity "More"

    Does anyone know the song and artist of the most recent xfinity, a woman is singing the song and the key phrase is "love can be so mystical". Thanks in advance
  5. N

    Comcast Xfinity AnyRoom DVR On Demand

    Looking for the track in the following commercial: Lyrics: "It's time to start up the show/The whole world's waiting right around the corner/ It's everything that you wanna' see/It's everywhere that you wanna' be...<*whistling*>" Any help is greatly appreciated and thanks in advance!
  6. O

    Comcast Xfinity

    Not to sell jingle writers short, but the music for the new Xfinity ad is so catchy I have to believe it is a 'repurposed' version of a real (ahem) song. If so, does anybody know what it might be? (of course, if it WAS written for the ad, thousand apologies to those responsible, and thanks for...
  7. J

    Comcast Xfinity

    I've looked forever to find the song that these lyrics belong to. It's a recent commercial but i dont remember which one. i would greatly appriciate it if someone could tell me what song it is. I'll try to find out the commercial, and I'll put it on here.
  8. U

    Comcast Xfinity iPad App

    Does anyone happen to know the song from this commercial? I believe its the only commercial out for the xfinity ipad app. Near the end they show a persons hand controlling their tv from the ipad. The music starts with some whistling then at the end of the commercial it goes "good is good ___ is...
  9. T

    Comcast Xfinity

    I am seeking the exact recording of the orchestral-choir singing the Latin "Sanctus" from the Roman Catholic Mass in the Xfinity commerical where various people are diving through the hoop. It is totally fantastic rendition of that religious piece.
  10. B


    Another one I'd like to know is that piano riff tune for Comcast: all the different van's going out for a day of work then one of the drivers drums on his steering wheel at the exact moment the tune does. Any thoughts. Thanks Barry
  11. L

    Comcast Xfinity

    Anyone know the calming, then orchestral tune with the Xfinity commercial? Can't find it anywhere and alot of people are wanting to know also.
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    Comcast AT&T Cable

    I remember seeing these commercials back in 2001-2002 when Comcast merged with at&t cable. They used the same song in those early commercials...In one of the commercials, towards the end, a comcast guy climbs up a tower and turns his head to look the sunset... it's a slow beat song...i know...
  13. C

    Comcast On Demand

    Hi, does anybody know the name of the song after the previews of a selected movie on the Free Movies Channel of Comcast On Demand? It comes on right before the Movie Starts and after Ratatouie says "Pure Poetry"? Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.
  14. F

    Comcast slow loading

    Does anyone know the song (if it even is a song) in the Comcast commercial set in a bar where everything is going really slow?
  15. M

    Comcast "Air Drummer" Video Email

    Just wondering if anybody knew of the song that the guy in the wifebeater rocks out to on the Comcast Video Email Commerical. The lyrics i can hear are LOVE VICTIM at the beginning and Let the story unfold (be told) or something to that effect. can anybody Name that tune?
  16. H

    Comcast High Speed Internet

    Hi. Does anyone know the song from Comcast High-speed Internet commercial?It's a catchy rock tune and the guy is singing something like "time is running out again" "tic-tock-tick tick tock..." and "i want it now" pleeeeease help me!!! thanx in advance!
  17. J

    Comcast High Speed Internet

    I'm looking for the artist and song of the music used in a Comcast High Speed Internet Commercial. I've seen the commercial on Cartoon Network (Adult Swim), and other channels. (July 11, 3:27am, EST, Cartoon Network) (July 15, evening SciFi Channel) (July 16, 11:47am EST, HGTV) (July...
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    Comcast Rhapsody

    What's the music in the new Comcast Digital Cable commercial that promotes their new Rhapsody Channel (an MTV-type channel)? It's the one where it has all these posters/handbills posted against a street, wall, call, telephone poll, and the camera slowly goes down the street to the right. Any...