Comcast "Air Drummer" Video Email


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Just wondering if anybody knew of the song that the guy in the wifebeater rocks out to on the Comcast Video Email Commerical.

The lyrics i can hear are

LOVE VICTIM at the beginning

and Let the story unfold (be told) or something to that effect.

can anybody Name that tune?
I need this song too... I have no clue where to find it either. Amazing, for a ruin your rep song, it's an awesome song!
im starting to think its just a song just for that commerical. Its so awesome though.

these are the lyrics i can hear

Love Victim
Its part of the game
Lose it
and let the story begin

i searched google with those lyrics and found nothing.

if you find anything, keep me posted
I have googled for hours trying to find that song. Comcast's website doesn't offer much help. Who would you try to contact?
im guessing maybe comcast advertising and marketing department. even if you could contact them, they probably wouldnt tell you what its called or who wrote it and performed it... or they would say it was a song that wasnt for sale or something.

i dont know...i cant find it anywhere.
hey in the same perdicament your in... The commercial was just one a few mintues ago n i was talking to my dad about it and he said he's heard it before. So I don't think it's a song just for the commercial. So there can still be hope. If someone would like to try though calling and seeing if u can get any information from them it'd definitly be worth the shot.
i also forgot to mention.. you guys should ask around and liek ask other people that you know if it isn't a song they made just for the commercial someone is bound to know what it is
i thought it kinda sounded like styx but i am pretty sure it is not them, but i also have been trying to find this
im still searching but to no avail. It sounds like Firehouse to me, but I guess it isnt. Oh well, we will crack this mystery
Think the lyrics could be:

Love victim
A pawn in the game
let the story be told

Still can't come up with a title though...
This one has been killing me too recently and I'm dying to know. Has anyone figured out the mystery?
Someone out there must know someone with a link to Comcast that can help us out.

Or anyone one in advertising that knows a way to can this info...
wow, this crap is driving me insane. I want to record the commercial and use this thing on my phone from verizon that identifies the song by listenin to it. but i never know when its going to be on. I want to contact comcast, but i just dont know how to go about doing it.
wow i haven't even seen the commercial and you guys are making me want to find this song.
Just saw the commercial again. Ugh... makes it so much harder not to know.

However, I'm almost 100% certain that the one line is "pawn in the game" like heyyou said before, not "part of/in the game."

Anyone have anything to add to this? Anything new?

EDIT -- I'm beginning to think the 'beat' or the instrumental part of the song was famous, but they changed the words for the commercial. That might explain why the lyricis search isn't turning up any results, but the song sounds so familiar.
yes, it could be an original instrumental with changed lyrics. However, that "beat" seems really generic to the 80's power ballad sound
its the voice that has really got me, i recognize it, i know i do...and i can't seem to name it.
Even if this is just a tunecreated for the ad, I'm sure whoever came up with it would love to know that there is a market waiting for a full release... not to mention whoever recorded it. If it's studio stuff, it's real good studio stuff!!!

Don't think that 800 # for Comcast will help. What we need is an inside # to someone
in marketing for Comcast or a lead to their ad agency.
Yeah, I would buy the song off iTunes if I knew what it was! Usually you can google the lyrics and you find the song...but doing that only leads to this site which means its probably made up lyrics or a made up song altogether - which is a shame.