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Greetings to all , ive seen a new commercial in discovery channel and i cant find the song!It shows different clips , some of them showing a man walking in a rope between 2 mountains , showing a man in snow , showing a cave when the clip starts , showing something like a mummy ,showing a man looking and examing an ancient coin , showing a man jumping from a mountain and also showing a man climbing in a red mountain.When the ad starts , you can hear the words "hidden forgoten lost for centuries , walking the shoes of the explorers go to places you never been before to uncover a world of wonders".
When the video finishes , it shows a label saying in the upper side "Exploration in HD" and in the bottom "Discovery channel HD showcase".

The song has a piano sound and an electric guitar.It starts with a sound effect.

Any ideas ??
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I heard that song a while ago. :) It's freaking awesome! But I also have trouble finding it... I also can't find the d*mn commercial anywhere.

It's Discovery HD Showcase - Exploration In HD

C'mon people, anyone?
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Muse - Map of the problematique :D

It's some kind of mix in the commercial though. ;)
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Wow man , you are GREAT!!This is it , how did you find it ? ??:D
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Man, it was PURE LUCK!

I was watching some car crash videos or smth on youtube, and at the end of one clip was that song. :D I've found the name in the comments. ;)

Pure luck... :)
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yes, the song is map of the problematic by muse.
but does anyone have a link to the commercial video?
i really like it exactly because it's muse in there.
Discovery HD Showcase Alaska Commercial

There is this Alaska commercial on discovery channel that has this optimistic cheerful music and i loved it but i cant find the commercial anywhere and i cant find the music's name either. The Commercial is all about Alaska so you have sceneries of mountains and snow and in the middle of the commercial there is this girl wearing a bright vest Dancing (she gives directions to pilots when landing an airplane).

Hope you guys can find the song. Thanks :)
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any lyrics, instrumental, etc?