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I am seeking the exact recording of the orchestral-choir singing the
Latin "Sanctus" from the Roman Catholic Mass in the Xfinity commerical where various people are diving through the hoop. It is totally fantastic rendition of that religious piece.
The piece is the "Sanctus" from the Mozart Requiem Mass. Try listening to some versions on iTunes. I think any major-label recording will sound very good.
I just want to convey my strong dislike of companies that use sacred music to advertise commercial products. The Mozart "Sanctus" from his "Requiem," is a profoundly beautiful piece of music; the word "Sanctus" means "Holy" and although I'm not Catholic, or an orthodox believer, I'm offended by those who would pair such profound music with ridiculous images of footballs and players flying through a TV screen, etc. Every time I hear that music in the future, my brain will automatically see those inappropriate images. Xfinity is not the only culprit, but I would probably never consider Xfinity after the crime I feel they committed with this commercial. (On the other hand, those who have never heard the Mozart Requiem, may be drawn to classical music because of the commercial. I'm happy for them, but sorry for myself--and, I imagine, many, many others--who are totally turned off by that particular commercial.)
I'm fine with it, as long as they play the piece without chopping it up. I have heard several versions of Carmina Burana and Verdi's Requiem edited completely out of context with the way it was originally composed, and THAT pisses me off!
Sorry...I don't understand the previous post. Sanctus is essentially being chopped up and used totally out of context--it's a piece about religious holiness and respect for a dying soul being used to sell high definition access to football games. One hears a few moments of a great work--not the whole thing--and the music has absolutely nothing to do with the images on the screen... I just don't get being "fine" with it...I'm not even that religious, and I'm offended; I just wonder how people who are Catholic feel about sacred music being used in this crass way!