1. J

    Rhapsody woman in floating bubbles

    The commercial: A women is falling through the air slowly as if gravity isn't affecting her. she enters like a floating water bubble and music plays. then she falls out of it and goes into another water bubble and another song plays... Song: I need both the songs playing in that commercial...
  2. Justin Crash


    Ok - this actually may not exist, or, it may actually exist - but be for something different - in which case, i apologize.... but there is a short 20 second or so animated spot for (i'm pretty sure) Rhapsody - there is no vocals, just music - and it isn't the Death Cab For Cutie, and it isn't...
  3. S


    There is a new Rhapsody commercial, the one with the balloons flying in the air around the city. Anyways, there is a background song on that commercial, there are no lyrics, but distinct instrumentals. I know I have heard the song one time before, and I would love to know what song it is...
  4. G

    Rhapsody on Tivo Sara Bareilles

    Can anyone tell me the name of the song they play during the beginning of the commercial showing Rhapsody music playing through this guys Tivo? It's some chick named "Sara" and she's sitting at a piano playing. He then changes the song to some rap song and for a very brief moment it shows the...
  5. I


    Don't really know how to describe this commercial, it's a montage of various pictures, but the song in the background is some good indi/alternative guitar. Any help would be appreciated! Thanks
  6. C

    Comcast Rhapsody

    What's the music in the new Comcast Digital Cable commercial that promotes their new Rhapsody Channel (an MTV-type channel)? It's the one where it has all these posters/handbills posted against a street, wall, call, telephone poll, and the camera slowly goes down the street to the right. Any...