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New ad features You And I by RICK JAMES.

View commercial here.

SAN FRANCISCO − July 28, 2005 − There is something about your favorite jeans and your favorite music that always feels right together. Gap recognized this relationship when it first opened in 1969, and jeans and music have continued to go hand and hand as the brand has evolved over the past 35 years.

From rock and rap to Motown and country, Gap has celebrated almost every genre of great music throughout its history.  This August, Gap launches an integrated marketing campaign to celebrate this connection between jeans and music. The campaign will span two months, and focuses on “favorites” and how favorite jeans and favorite songs are individual expressions of personality and style.  Each element of the campaign, from partnerships and promotions to television and print, will underscore this theme.

The first element of Gap’s fall 2005 marketing campaign features the iTunes Music Store ( to help introduce three new denim fits for women (Curvy, Straight and Original) and one for men (Straight). Designed to fit an array of specific body types, these are the jeans that will become “favorites.” 

During the month of August, Gap will host the “Find Your Favorite Fit” event – an invitation for customers to try on the new jean fits. From August 8 – 31, each customer who tries on any pair of Gap jeans will receive a free download of their favorite song from the iTunes Music Store.  Additionally, as part of the promotion, many jeans styles will be available at the great price of just $39.95. Print ads introducing the new jean fits, the iTunes Music Store promotion and the “Find Your Favorite” event will run in August issues of weekly magazines including Us Weekly, People and Entertainment Weekly and television spots will air on network and cable TV programs from August 8 – August 23. Developed by Laird+Partners, Gap’s creative agency, Francis Lawrence directed the TV spots and Michael Thompson photographed the print campaign elements.

“Much like your favorite music, your favorite jeans are a unique expression and reflection of your individual style,” said Jeff Jones, executive vice president of Gap Marketing. “The relationship between jeans and music is a hallmark of Gap’s identity, so we’re thrilled to team up with iTunes to bring this connection to life for our customers.”

The second major phase of Gap’s fall marketing campaign features an exciting new print and television advertising campaign called “Favorites,” which stars a cast of acclaimed musicians including Alanis Morissette, Joss Stone, John Legend, Michelle Williams (Destiny’s Child), Jason Mraz, Keith Urban, Liz Phair and Brandon Boyd (Incubus). The TV campaign captures each musician performing an original remake of their favorite song while wearing their favorite Gap jeans. From Joss Stone’s soulful rendition of “God Only Knows” (originally recorded by the Beach Boys) to Alanis Morissette’s energetic interpretation of “Crazy” (originally recorded by Seal) every one of these amazing exclusively recorded songs is destined to become a “favorite.”

The Favorites campaign will be highlighted at the MTV Video Music Awards, which are being held in Miami on August 28. This marks the second consecutive year Gap has sponsored the awards and Gap’s presence this year will be bigger than ever, with multiple programming elements and events throughout the week.  Further details about this sponsorship will be announced in August.

A limited edition CD featuring campaign artists performing their favorite songs will be available exclusively at Gap stores and beginning September 1. The CD contains eight songs exclusively recorded for Gap by the stars of the new ad campaign, a director’s cut of the fall TV commercial and exclusive behind-the-scenes footage from the filming of the commercial. Gap customers will receive the CD, while supplies last, as a gift with any Gap purchase of $60 or more from September 1 – September 17, 2005.

Following is a list of each of the musical artist’s favorite song and jeans fit, as featured in the ad campaign and on the CD:

Artists                          Favorite Song                          Favorite Fit 

Alanis Morissette    “Crazy” (Seal)                                                         Curvy Flare 
Joss Stone              “God Only Knows” (Beach Boys)       Original Ultra Low Rise Flare 
John Legend          “Hello It’s Me” (Isley Brothers)                                   Straight Fit 
Michelle Williams    “Let’s Stay Together” (Al Green)                       Straight Boot Cut 
Jason Mraz            “One Love” (Bob Marley)                                           Straight Fit 
Keith Urban            “Most People I Know Think I’m Crazy” (Billy Thorpe)         Easy Fit 
Brandon Boyd        “Alison” (Elvis Costello)                                                 Boot Fit 
Liz Phair*               "Cheek to Cheek" (Irving Berlin)                       Straight Boot Cut 

*Liz Phair’s “favorite” song is not included on the limited edition CD. The eighth song on the CD is a bonus track featuring Michelle Branch performing “Life On Mars” (originally recorded by David Bowie).

Developed by Gap’s creative agency Laird+Partners, Michael Thompson photographed the “Favorites” print campaign and Francis Lawrence directed the TV spots. The TV spots break in late August and will air in the United States and Canada in spot markets and on cable TV. The print ads will run in September issues of magazines such as Vanity Fair, Vogue, In Style and Lucky.
Hi all,
I just saw a new Gap ad that featured keith urban ( among others) and he was at the beginning of the ad and was playing an acoustic song. Any ideas on the name of this tune. I tried looking for a link online to direct you to see the ad but so far no luck.
Thanks in advance.
Awesome! many Thanks. I did a search for "The Gap" but maybe I didn't do it right. anyway, thanks very much.
What song is Joss Stone singing in the GAP commercial? It is slow and she is singing accapella (I can't spell). There are also other artists singing as well on the commercial. They flashed to different artists singing different songs.
Ive only seen this twice but its a gap commercial where everyone in posing in there gap clothes. The song is kinda upbeat and has a guy singing in it and at the end ofthe commercial it says itunes. Some sort of promotion that if u buy gap clothes you get free itune songs. Anyone know?