CIA Recruitment Commercial


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The CIA have been running a recruitment commerical with a wicked soundtrack. I thought it was a track they had commissioned themselves until I heard it in "Something's Gotta Give" with Jack Nicholson where they are all at a party. Purleeease, someone tell me the name of this track! Googling has turned up nothing. :unsure: Thanks!
The music is techno-y - no lyrics or anything. I've only ever seen the CIA commercial on CNN in the mornings. As for "Something's Gotta Give", it's definitely out of place in that movie because it's mostly jazz and bossa nova kind of stuff. As I say, it appears in a scene with a house party, it's playing in the background for a few seconds. It doesn't appear to be on the soundtrack to the movie.
So noone knows the answer... does anyone at least know the commerical I'm talking about?!
OK, I decided to record off the TV the music in the vain hope that someone ... somewhere... will be able to tell me what this music is so I can go out and buy it !!! Please click ... here... :D