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This song has a singer so I know it's different from the one that others have been lloking for. It had been on for a while on Australian TV, dunno if it's on anywhere else though...

The ad starts with a saab parked infront of a sunny backdrop when two people walk up wearing ski gear, the camera pans back and the sunny scene is a billboard and they are in alps somewhere with snow everywhere. They drive off along a windy road and there is a quick shot of the woman with the wind in her hair.

The music is kinda boppy with a woman singer. Lyrics include (from memory) "California Sun, gonna turn you on"...and "It's all the little things that you do, I'm so in love with you"

I've done LOTS of searching for this song on Google and am starting to think the song was made especially for the ad and then I found this place and thought, well, if anyone is gonna know someone here will :)

Plus it's driving me nuts!! :blink:

Any help would be GREATLY appreciated
The same ad was shown in the UK and uses 'California Dreamin' by BOBBY WOMACK.

Is this the song you are looking for?
Not if it's the California Dreamin' I'm thinking of (Mamas and the Papas), but thanks anyway. :)

Has quite a similar tune to Marlena Shaw's "California Soul" but the lyrics are different so I'm wondering if perhaps they changed the lyrics for the ad or whoever did the song used for the ad used Marlena's song as a sample...
I found a Swedish forum similar to this one and, from what I can make out, the song was created exclusively for the commercial by a Dutch production company. Only a 40 second sample was recorded.

Hey thanks for that!

I wrote to Saab here in Australia and this is what I got back:

Thank you for contacting Saab Australia in regards to our 9-3 Convertible
Television Commercial.
The song was commissioned by our ad agency in Sweden for our global
advertising campaign.

Unfortunately we have not been able to find out the details of the song
name or artists.

So it sounds like you're on the money :)

At least I can sleep now...