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Yea i saw the samuri jack ep when hes at a rave. I was wondering if ne one herd this and knew who it was cuz i looked for a long time and never got anywhere drop one if you got any ideas.
Was that the episode with the brain washed kids? I've seen that one before.
Man its been a while, not sure, im pretty sure all the kids where brained washed at the rave. Jacks got like raver clothes on and stuff, if you know the music that would be sickkk.
I bought the third DVD that has that episode on it and I can check the credits to see if there is a playlist.
There was no song title I could find in the credits, but I think the song was made by either James L. Venable or Paul Dinletir.
Are those like artists for just the show or do they have cd's out?
I actually think that that James Venable song on his website might be from the second episode where he goes to the club and meets the dogs.
Yea i was checking those out all good songs but i dont think it matches the one that i was talkin about.