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School is closed, houses are boarded, and we are still here :angry:
It's ridiculous how the island works, and the people who want to wait around and be told what to do. Broadway and seawall are our two main roads on the island, like our highways. It's voluntary evatuation right now for the island, and mandatory will be tomorrow? At 6 p.m. Mind you we only have one way in and one way out. Technically three, a ferry, and the west side meets at San Luis Pass. However, that side is already blocked off, Ferrys are already closed. And so we are left with our heavy constructioned causeway.WTF? And not only that, but out of the three lanes broadway and seawall has, and the unsequined lights, only two are open. It's a fucking wreck!

I've always wanted to be in a hurricane. Always, always, always. But there is no doubt in the air. And even the most stubborn people are already gone, or leaving as I ''speak''.

I bid you all farewell. gonna miss every single one of youse! I'll be in Dallas for god knows how long. Kisses to you all!
:cry: :)
It'll be ok Sugarbooger. :)

Call if you need anything, otherwise take care. We'll miss you. :wub:
We will miss you Erika!! :( :cry: Try to snag some sort of internet connection in Dallas. :D
my turn to say goodbye~!!! (to you, i mean...i'm not going anywhere. tee hee.)
Bye Steph, I leave at the break of dawn

I had pink bread again ^_^