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I saw this Budweiser commercial that had an awesome rock song playing. It's basically just kinda quiet guitar playing (electric) and later on near the end it starts to get more "violent"
the commercial shows a top view of the bottle first, it pops off .... then some of the beer runs down like liquid .... like sloooowmoootion. Then I don't remember :p it likes drops somewhere. No vocals .... just quitar, drums.... really cool.
Yes, I checked out their site, I found a view comemrcials, ONE that's A LOT like it but the song is different. it's at the www.budweiser.com tc commercial section called "Fresh Pour" but the commerrcial itself is a little bit different, execpt for the "pouring" down. Song is different too.
Yes I am :) thanks Rhonda :)
Yeah it's kinda ..... I don't remember any lyrics now but I saw it on The Comedy Network yesterday night, while watching Dave Chappelle and some Just for Laughs I believe.
The song is just some rock you know, near the end, as I said before, when it starts to get more rock... ish :p it sounds kinda like a electric guitar solo, with kind of silent drums on the background. Lil dramatic... but pretty wild/cool yeah and then it says King of Beers of course :)
You know .... SOME commercials, really ... SOME, have a quick flash at the beginning/end where it actually says what song it is (like that shampoo commercial with Alisha Keys, or .... whoever that is lol) :p shouldn't they do that for EVERY single commercial :)