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Several years ago, there was a commercial that featured a man and a boy on the Great Wall of China with a blimp flying over. The music was a heavy baseline. No lyrics and really no melody, more rythmn. I have also heard this song occasionally at sports arenas/stadiums. Any takers? I really can't give much more information, so if this dies, it dies.
I found this on the web... does this sound like its on the right track? Could it be Budweiser commercial and not a credit card ad???

One commercial that prompted some interesting responses concerning cultural appropriation was a Budweiser beer commercial that ran during the Olympics. The setting for the opening scene is a Buddhist Temple! Immediately, we see a young monk, who seems to be running late for the morning prayers, heading out of the temple to join about a dozen other monks sitting in the lotus position. The monks gleefully point up to the blimp--the symbol of the American global presence. From here the commercial cuts to other global sights (wonders of the world) like the Great Wall of China, above the head of a jogging bushman in the African plains, etc...!
YES!! That sounds like the right track. Now if I can just find the music......LOL