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There was an ad back in the mid 90's from Budweiser that had the Budweiser Blimp flying over various places. I thought the song in the background was Blur's Song Number 2, but I'm pretty sure it isn't. It has that same kind of guitar crunch repeated quite a bit, but I cannot think of the name of the song or the artist.

Oddly, I kind of remember that the band had women in it...

I know this is a heckuva reach, given the age of the commercial, but here's hoping someone else remembers the song. :)
Trying to find a song from an old commercial and can use any help. I want to think the commercial is for Coca-Cola or Budweiser and was aired during the 1996 Olympics (maybe 92).

From what I can remember (it's vague) there is a blimp with the company logo going across a variety of landscapes.

I'm interested in finding out the song that was in the commercial, sung by a woman but I don't remember anything else. Something makes me think the song went on to become somewhat popular.

Any help is greatly appreciated.
Re: Looking for Old Commercial - 1996 Olympics

The band's name is Elastica and the song's name is connection. You can find it on iTunes.
Re: Looking for Old Commercial - 1996 Olympics

The commercial was for Budweiser.
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by Elastica

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