1. C

    Bud Light "Out of Breath" Whatever USA

    This might be a hard one to identify, but does anyone know the song in this commercial?
  2. G

    Bud Light Music First

    Hi, does anyone know the name of the song on the new Bud Light commercial? cannot find a video or anything on this, but just figured i would take a shot on here. The commercial aired at the UFC promo before the UFC 160 and also aired again tonight during an episode of "The Big Bang Theory" It...
  3. O

    Bud Light Lime Mojito

    Can anyone find me the name of the song in the video? It would be greatly appriciated!
  4. T

    Budweiser "Epic Toast"

    Anyone know the song for this Budweiser commercial called "Epic Toast"? http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ke5NhjPKjPo
  5. M

    Bud Light

    SO, been trying to figure out this dang song and it's KILLING ME! it's a beer commercial with a bunch of people camping like around a lake with a huge mountain. they're playing football and other stuff. what's the name that the song?? anyone out there know?? it's older i know that.
  6. T

    Bud Light Dog Sitter

    Hi Everybody, I hope someone might be able to help me by I.D.-ing the music in the Bud Light ad that started airing around the SuperBowl, and still is being shown. It's the ad where the guy is dogsitting, and throws a party where the dogs serve, cook, clean...and yes, play cards! LOL! There's...
  7. B

    Budweiser plane

    Does somebody know what's the sort of celtic music on the background of the budweiser plane ad that we see in canada for 2011 superbowl? Thanks
  8. farbeyond

    Bud Light Lime

    The most recent commercial being aired for Bud Light Lime as of August 2010 uses the song: Kid Sister Ft. Cee-Lo - "Daydreaming" Get it at: http://www.amazon.com/dp/B002VQ1PKU/?tag=adtunes-20
  9. D

    Budweiser "Bud Balls"

    Budweiser has always held the standard for funny beer commercials, ever since the bud-weis-er frog days in my opinion... Check this one out- love the lyrics 'even my bawls have balls'. The music was composed by inthegroove music, featuring Chris Bergstrom from Hairball.
  10. V

    Budweiser Plane

    There is a song in the background of this commercial (I think the commercial has Rule 72 in it) that I am sure is associated with the NFL in some way. I've heard this song on countless football montages. It's not the Fox theme. This is the webpage for it...
  11. N

    Budweiser "It's What We Do"

    so, if you are watching the world series, there are a few budweiser commercials that are playing, one is different ways of carrying a round back to friends, the other is about guys making fun of each other. Both feature the same song in the background, kinda straight forward rock and roll with...
  12. H

    Budweiser crown

    this has been bugging me each time I see this but what song is used here?
  13. D

    Budweiser MLB All Star Game

    In the Budwieser add played this week on Tuesday 07/14/09 during the MLB All Star Game, there is a guy and girl in front of a Fridge and they are talking, after that there is a song played. What is the song? I've heard it before. Great Guitar Rif's and great lines like "123 tell me what your...
  14. T

    Bud Light Lime

    Can anyone tell me the name of the newer Bud Light Lime ad song? I don't think this one is Santogold. Lyrics are something like "ipso facto" and "riding the asteroid". Thanks!
  15. J

    Budweiser Beer

    Hey, This is a commercial that is probably about 4-5 years old now. It was a Budweiser commercial, and it shows a bottle of Bud, with the scenery behind it constantly changing. The background changes to all different cities around the world. It would show like Paris, then London, and new york...
  16. N

    Budweiser Select "Exception to the Rule"

    Can someone please help me find the name of the song used in this Budweiser Select commercial: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=khDFbZ4KEro Thanks in advance!
  17. S

    Bud Light Lime

    ok i saw this commercial on tnt it was just a regular bottle of bud light with a lime being twisted over it and then the bottle turned clear and it had lime written on the bottom of it there is a girl singing in the background who i say sounds a little like nelly furtado but a little less raspy...
  18. H


    I'm looking for the name of the song that's in the Budweiser Commercial where George Clooney does the voiceover. There is a nice guitar riff in the commercial and the lyrics that I heard are: "Right now...Come on raise it up...We've got to raise it up." Anyone know????
  19. D

    Budweiser Select Jay Z Danica Patrick Dale Earnhardt Jr.

    Hullo, There's an add on the discovery, history or science channel featuring Jay Z. He's actually in the clip. The chorus lyrics are something like: "Give me wha'cha got, baby. Sho me wha'cha got baby" In the background is a big band kind of noise with trumpets, drums and stuff. Does...
  20. B

    Budweiser "Don't Hold Back" crown

    Cannot find this song anywhere... New BUD commerical has a song playing that only has the words "don't hold back" said throughout. Anyone know what song it is? THANKS!