Reaction score
The new trailer for the New Line film "Birth" with Nicole Kidman (directed by Jonathan Glazer) has some really, really nice classical music (or possible score). Anyone help me figure out what the hell it is?

Thanks a lot.
Yes I too have seen this trailer in theaters, and online now, and the music is really powerful stuff, top quality score music. I must know what it is!

I think there may actually be 2 different songs used in the trailer as well.

The original link was to the international trailer which is accompanied by a single very powerful piece of music, which I believe is what mrmiyag was referring to.

Unfortunately, I have been unable to identify any of the tracks used in either trailer!
After checking both trailers, I am definately wanting the music from the North American trailer, which is far better than the one in the international trailer as i think most people will agree.

Does anyone know the music that is in the trailer for the Nicole Kidman movie "Birth"? If anyone can enlighten me I'd appreciate it. Thanks.
Can you describe the song or name the website where the trailer can be viewed?
I'm just guessing at this point, since I've not seen the film yet, but I think the music that appears in the advertisments is from the film's score, composed by Alexandre Desplat. I also like the music very much, it seems haunting and sad. Roger Ebert even mentions the music in his review of the film, so let's hope that a CD for the score is released, and soon.