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Does anyone know the name of the song playing in the movie Because I Said So when all of them go shopping and it mentions something about a mom. It's when her mom makes her buy the red polka dot dress. Thanks!
i don't know the name but if it helps anyone find it the beginning words are "my momma told me if i was goody" i'm looking for the song too so thanks!
I think you are looking for the song: "Momma Told Me" by Crystal Waters. The song will be on the official soundtrack which comes out some time in April. For now heres a clip from amazon that has the momma told me part right at the end. The lyrics of the song don't quite match up with what you say though. The lyrics in the song are "MY MOMMA TOLD ME THAT I WAS PRETTY ".


I was wondering what was the name of the song played during the montage of Mandy Moore and Diane Keaton's characters?
Hi, I was wondering if by any chance the jazzy tune Millie and Johnny play at the studio during their first date was an actual song. I doubt it, but still hope that it wasn't just made up for the movie.
Thank you so much! I already checked the original soundtrack, so it must be on the original score. Do you happen to know where I could stream it?