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i'm a huge ozzy fan..but i was watching battle for ozzfest the other night and either an ozzy song or black sabbath song played whenever the guys that were chosen got to meet ozzy in his living room. but i cannot think of the name of it for anything so i was wondering if yall could help me out. thanks!
I saw the episode but have no idea what the song was. :( You might try asking at an Ozzy fan forum -- they'd be most familar with his songs and could probably recognize it off a few seconds, ya know? ;)
Anyone know the song thats playing when the guy gets left on the bench toward the end, sounds like ozzy singing... thanks
something about the choices you made the choices so hard heaven's not so far
or something
the episode where they have to bite the bat. the song starts playin when it shows them walkin out to the stage in their orange outfits. it's a rock song and it's a girl singin. sounds like she's sayin 'when you're tied.' anyone?
I think someone actually posted this after you and it may have been answered too.

Is this it? Lacuna Coil - Swamped
i have that song
this is when jesse gets kicked off, not biting the heads off bats
it sounds like ozzy..
like "choices you've made, choices at all, heavens not far"
if you're talking about where the members of the bands are watching slipknot play the concert its called wait and bleed.
the episode where they have to play for the guy from Judas Priest. what's the song that plays when they're walkin into Sharon's office in like the last 5 mins of the episode? it's a girl singin and it's v short
I've heard it many many times, but I can't for the life of me figure out what it is. It's the episode where they have to bite the head off the bat, and it's a classical piano tune playing on the soundtrack when they're being checked for rabies or something? Kind of a sad tune, maybe Chopin? Anyone?
in the episode where jessie gets kicked off the show, when jessie gets off the bus there is a song that starts playing. it sounds like ozzy " the choices we made were the choices........ and heavens so close and heaven so far"
does anyone know the name of the song, album or group?
i think i know what it is. try looking for a band called "atreyu" that might be it. of course ive been wrong in the past.
Originally posted by chopnopper@Dec 20 2004, 07:32 AM
i think i know what it is. try looking for a band called "atreyu" that might be it. of course ive been wrong in the past.
would someone with the CORRECT answer respond
sorry! just tryin to help. besides the singer (drummer) sounds alot like ozzy. so take your meds next time.
the song with ozzy singing something about heaven being so close and so far is on black label society's new album. its called Dirt on the Grave.