Bambi DVD Dance Track

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For the upcoming "Bambi" Special Edition Release DVDs, one TV ad has a dance track behind it that's played rather softly, but I think it's catchy.

The main difference I can think of between it and the other promos, besides the different music, is that the one I'm talking about has red text displayed "Fun Games...And More!", whereas the others I think use gray text.

They also show the scenes where Thumper goes, "That's why they call me Thumper!", and then in the flower bed with Flower, Thumper goes, "That's not a flower!", and on the frozen pond, Thumper goes, "Watch what I can do!" and begin to bounce on, bunny bottom. :eek:

Is this track from an actual artist, or just a generic dance beat? Any resolution would be greatly appreciated! :D