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Does anyone know what song is playing in the Bailey's commercial? I think John Legend is in the commercial. I heard the song somewhere else on TV.
Hey everyone :) Can anyone tell me the name of a song on a Bailey's commercial? It's not one of the newest ones, and it was shorter..there weren't any people in it..and all I remember it showing was a bottle of Bailey's being poured into a glass with ice, with a black background. The song has the words 'lightning and sky' in it, I'm pretty sure. Help? :eek:
Nope, none of these..I already looked through them. :( Thank you, though.
Originally posted by i_scipio@Dec 31 2007, 04:46 PM
...and the point of your response was, what?
So the threads can be merged. ;)
Heya guys, there is a baileys commercial on comedy central that has a few african americans sitting around a table drinking in a club with a song in the background.. anyone know..?