Baileys Irish Cream zero gravity bar


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Does anyone know the music thats used in the most recent 'Baileys' liquor advert in the uk?
A group of party people are "floating around" in the air in a bar trying to catch
drops of Baileys.

The music sounds like it is picked out of a musical, might be 60s or 70s.
You can find the song on 4Hero's album "Creating Patterns." The song is listed under just the name "Fleur," track 13... I've checked other sources, and the song is listed as "Les Fleur." So it must just be a misprint by Amazon's editors.
What is the name of the song they use in the Bailey's Irish Cream commercial where the people are flying across the room drinking Bailey's?
Hi - Does anyone know the name of the instrumental piece being used in the new spot for Bailey's? It's set at the "Anti-Gravity Lounge," and has patrons and Bailey's bubbles floating all over the place...neat spot!
I found myself smitten by the groovy music in the new Bailey's Irish Cream "Zero Gravity Bar" commercial. I searched in several sites like this one on the net and kept finding other questions like mine answered with "Les Fleur" by 4Hero. But I know that song, and that is most definitely not the heavy trumpet groovalicious 70's sounding piece I heard.
Turns out that I am seeing the same commercial that aired in the UK a while back, which DID have that music on it. However, in North America there is different music. I still don't know what it is, so if anyone knows what the music is in the NORTH AMERICAN version of the commercial, I'd be grateful to know.
If you are referring to the NEW version of the Zero Gravity Lounge, it is NOT 4Hero's "Les Fleur." The music was re-done for the recent North American release of the commercial. I was totally confused until I saw what I guess was the UK version with Les Fleur. Mostly if not exactly the same video, but different music for the Sept/Oct commercials running in the U.S. The new music is an instrumental, heavy on the trumpet, very groovy in a 70's Herb Alpert/Sergio Mendes kind of way. Still don't know what it is.
Yeah I concur, 4Hero is cool stuff but that Bailey's commercial is something else. Kind of reminded me of that Mr Scruff "Get A Move On" track. I'd love to know what it is.
We're still looking for the North American version of this "zero gravity" ad.

The other song, by 4Hero is on the album "Creating Patterns." The song is listed under just the name "Fleur," track 13... I'm guessing this song is used in a European version of the same ad?
I have never seen this zero gravity commercial but here in Canada there was recetly a commercial playing for Baileys where a girl pours some baileys and some spills and a guy takes a napkin and wipes it up then sees some spilled on her dress right on her breasts, he goes to wipe it too and stops then she *gives him a look* and he wipes it up and everyone laughs.. anyone know the song? is it the same one?
This Zero Gravity Bar american version commercial song must be found i will not sleep until i find it
The song used in the American version of the ad is definitely NOT "Les Fleurs" by 4Hero. I emailed Bailey's Irish Cream, and they have replied that it is actually "Bringing It Back" by Avenue A. I haven't confirmed this yet.
Avenue A is an ad agency. So the song was probably made just for the commercial and is not available for purchase or download.
That's a different commercial. The one we're all referring to are two different commercials using very similar footage, but different tunes. Imagine this: you're at a bar, hip young twenty-somethings, someone accidentally spills their Bailey's and suddenly you realize you're in a zero-gravity situation! Everyone's floating around, and the Bailey's looks like floating balls of mercury. Your friend Ted grabs a ball of Bailey's with his mouth - yummy. All of this is set to either very groovy music similar to Deelite vs. Herb Alpert or (in the other version) a mellow female vocal that sounds a little bit like a cross between "Dear Prudence" (It does! Listen to the beginning!) and "Son of a Preacher Man". That's the evil gremlin of a commercial that sticks in your head that we're all referring to.