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    Baileys for the Holidays

    Song ID???
  2. T

    Baileys Coffee Creamers "Sunrise"

    Does anybody know what song they're playing in this Baileys Creamers commercial?
  3. N

    Baileys with a Hint of Coffee

    There is a new commercial out with a girl zoomed to her lips and she's singing along with a song that goes "gotta have coffee" and some other lyrics. its a short commercial for the new baileys with a hint of coffee. let me know, im dying to find it?!?!
  4. K

    Baileys John Legend

    Does anyone know what song is playing in the Bailey's commercial? I think John Legend is in the commercial. I heard the song somewhere else on TV.
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    Baileys "I Melt for You"

    Baileys "I Melt for You" Hey People, Currently in Australia there's a Baileys commercial where the walls of an apartment melt and the guy who lives there is able to walk into the club next door. The song on the ad has that chillout style and the female voice sings something like "the way you...
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    Baileys Irish Cream zero gravity bar

    Does anyone know the music thats used in the most recent 'Baileys' liquor advert in the uk?
  7. M

    Baileys Irish Cream

    So n e one have a clue on which music/song is being played in the background of the new Bailey's ad.? The ad. shows 2 couples, and a girl from one of the couples is pouring out some bailey's. She drops some, her guy cleans.. etc. I've been looking for the song/music everywhere :(...